Comfy & Cute at Home & a Giveaway

Comfy & Cute at Home & a Giveaway

As a mama, it’s not always easy to look fresh and put together. Even if you’re going for a casual, effortless or, as I call it, “basic” look – it just doesn’t work the way it used to when you were “young” anymore. Basic now often comes across as “undone” (and I don’t mean that in a good, bed head styling kinda way). No time paired with only having two hands (duh) – it’s kind of the mama formula. For those of you who don’t know what I mean, I’ll spell it out: holding your baby (now: toddler) while getting showered, dressed and made up… near impossible. I always joke that the priority as a mama is to be “clean” – and that actually “looking put together” is lottery. Some days, you manage to look effortlessly cute. Other days not so much. Caring is a luxury, though.

The truth is: on my mama days, I need basics that are comfy enough to sit on the floor / ground / in the sand pit in for long and fun hours of playing on eye level with bébé. So more often than I’d like to admit, I’d jump for my (very) basic trainers and (very) simple (read: old and severly battered) striped sweater (that I actually thought of discarding, several times already, but never had the heart to in the end). Comfort trumps style! There, I said it, I’m that unfashionable mama. So I guess hubbie just has to put up with my not-so-fancy mama-style, for, oh, only a couple more years, yeah? I secretly wish he prefers my “undone” look more than my former, more preppy self – because true love and all… But who am I really kidding, right?

And then, Calida and I met again.

A brand I had forgotten all about, ever since I last wore a pair of super comfy pyjamas from their collection, as a little curly-haired girl. Back in the days, pyjama were my favorite piece of clothing. I always loved bedtime (seriously), as it came with cuddles and stories, cute night gowns and fresh linens… I have the fondest memories of my childhood bed. Anyway, so this kind of gives me the best connotations ever with Calida. Cute and comfy, in a nutshell.

So, when Calida offered me the chance to discover some pieces from their new collection, I was so excited! I now sport a collection (yes! not only one or two pieces, but an actual, whole collection) of beautiful home wear pieces (note: I call them that because they’re so much more than just pyjamas). Giving me what definitely is my most feminine and polished (also first ever “proper”, but shhh) home wear look, to date. All of the pieces that I chose – among them a beautiful, short romper number, a couple of sexy french knickers with lacy things and the softes (softest!), snug t-shirts. The pieces act as pyjamas – but transition just as easily into the day or night. Coming home in the evening after a long day of running around (either for work or after E) is now the best part of my day. I’d slip into a pair of shorts and Tadah! Feel like a new me. The fabrics are just so soft, like a second skin. Make me feel lush and yes, dare I say it, sexy, even. Pretty sure anyway they’re hubbie approved, chuckle.

And isn’t this pair of blush pink, silky smooth culottes just so cool, also? One of these days, you’ll see me wear them venturing into the city… Not caring wether pyjamas-in-the-city are actually still a thing of the moment or not, because mamahood doesn’t leave you with enough time to research things like that. Not caring, wearing my silky Calida culottes to my next meeting. Catch me, if you can!

Oh, and by the way. Calida and Elma & Polina. A match made in heaven. So we’re giving away an Elma & Polina Giant Vichy Tote in Sky together with one beautiful culotte and shirt loungewear outfit by Calida to one lucky mama. All you have to do to win is: follow Calida on Instagram, follow Fork & Flower on Instagram, leave a comment on my Insta post. Tag up to three friends in separate comments for extra chances to win. And/or leave a comment here on the blog for extra chances. Winner will be chosen at random on Sunday, 20th, in the evening and contacted via PM.

Thank you Calida for sponsoring this post.
Pictures by Isabelle Kade – Mini & Stil Blog.


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