Sunkissed by Adventure

Sunkissed by Adventure

Who knew I was going to be the outdoorsy mama… The mama who always chases the sun, always prefers going for a spin in fresh air to being stuck inside. Well, go figure. No one ever told me playtime in the sand and dirt with little one would be that much fun! Here we are, though, muddy, sandy, sticky, soaking wet, stains from impromptu picnics all over the place… but happy.

Today, I’m sharing something that’s dear to my heart. It might come across as “a sponsored post”, which it kind of is, but then again it isn’t. Sun protection, guys. I used to not care too much about sun protection as a teenager. I loved baking in the sun, for hours and days. And I have to say: I regret it, now that I’m wiser and older and, well, wrinklier and spottier. I should have listened to my mama, because mamas – as it turns out – really do know best (side note: tell that to my kid – her autonomy phase is already in full effect, she clearly thinks she knows best).

I love being outside with Elma. And the weather has been so good this spring! So it doesn’t have to be “big plans”. Simply going to the park to pet the animals there, watch the other kids going down the sledge, digging in the sand and putting our naked feet in the ice cold water of the little stream that’s sneaking its way through the playground and park. We always tug along a lot of stuff. A spare outfit in case clothes get wet. Not caring about dirt though. A hat is always in tow, or a snuggly Nooshi to knot around the head as sun protection. And of course sunscreen.

Eventually, we will venture home, reluctantly, for a late lunch and a nap. Only to be back out in the sunshine right after. Usually for a balcony pool session. E loves her little inflatable mini pool. It really is super tiny and I only put in a little bit of water. So she can play in it, freely, getting wet, splashing around, without me worrying about her every move. Every parent needs one of those mini pools, they’re so clever.

So, because we never know what the day might bring and where adventure may lead, we put our Daylong on first thing in the morning, on face, ears, arms, hands and feet. On all of the family; mama, papa and E. We then have one spare bottle with us for “add-ons” throughout the day. Last summer, I used a different sunscreen for E, one of those special baby ones. I wasn’t happy with it at all; it stung and E’s eyes would always tear up and be swollen. Her face was always white (then again, I guess that is the idea of that baby sunscreen) and clothes would, inevitably, be stained yellow. So, switching to Daylong has made all the difference for all of us. It smells nice, it goes on smoothly and it doesn’t “paint” the face white. This morning, E even insisted on putting cream on her doll Lottie as well. I guess she’s got the concept of loving and caring for someone down to a T already.

Featured items in this post:
Sunscreen for the whole family by Daylong
Vichy Wash Bag by Elma & Polina
UV Protection Shirt with stars by Pacific Ocean via YAY! Kids
Polka Dot Bikini Bottoms by Zara Baby
White Muslin Bloomers by Liilu Kid
Blue Linen Blanket by Townhouse
Blue and Tangerine Nooshi by Petit Stellou
Blue Scrunch Basket via Honey Home
Sun and other cool toys in E’s pool by Moluk
Inflatable pool via Manor

Thank you Daylong for sponsoring this post.

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