Easter Basket for Young & Old

Easter Basket for Young & Old

Even before mamahood, gift giving was kind of my biggest hobby. And nowadays with baby (pardon me, toddler of course) I’m kind of in non-stop gift giving frenzy…! The explanation being: little one simply „needs“ so much stuff… From everyday basic clothes to functional wear like rain boots to books, toys, tablewear and snack boxes… Endless. With a toddler, shopping kind of nevers stops.

Even as a self-declared „minimalist in the making“, I mean, some things are just essentials. The beauty of it is, though, that the littles ones are happy with an old sock – if it’s nicely wrapped, ahaha. Nevertheless, I like to put a little more thought into it for Easter. And aren’t Easter Baskets the perfect opportunity. For E’s basket I have opted for the following theme (roughly): something meaningful, something she needs, somethings to play with an something to wear. Of course everything held in pretty pastels. As a nice keepsake and at the same time invitation for endless play I made a puzzle out of one of my favorite pictures of us with ifolor. We love discovering new things and puzzles are the thing du jour for E. Apart from the puzzle, there is a cuddly chicklet that we got at the Zoo in Amsterdam, an XL bath bomb in egg shape from Lush, a super cool snack box bunny shaped in pink from We Might Be Tiny, a handy egg shaped street chalk, bunny ear hat from OEUF via Stadtlandkind, soap bubble bunny (E goes crazy for bubbles) and a pair of sweet sunglasses from H&M. Enough to discover for days!

But in all honesty, you can’t just spoil your kid, can you. What about all the grown-ups in your life? Easter is family time, so for all the countless Easter invitations I have a (rather more simple) recipe: chocolates (opt away from the bunnies for once, I say), a colorful bunch of spring flowers and a (framed) picture (of aforementioned kid; not only loved by grandmas), always work.

What goes into your Easter baskets for Young and Old?
I hope you were inspired by our ideas. Wishing you a happy Easter already and lots of fun preparing for the festivities.

Much love

Credits: Photos (puzzle and framed) taken by Leon Seierlein

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