Introducing Solids, Part I

Introducing Solids, Part I

We were “en vacances” in the beautiful Provence, France. My aunt’s house has been my favorite vacay destination, ever since 1982. It’s a hidden, old gem with giant garden. Something about it being entirely non touristy makes it all the more special. And with bébé, I think it’s even better to have your own kitchen etc… Even more so, since we were on a mission: introducing solids! But I have to start at the beginning (tiny excursus following, please read on).

I’ve breastfed Elma exclusively for over five months now. Loved every single feed. To bond, cuddle, get some rest myself. I would never have believed how much I was going to love nursing. And I certainly never thought I’d breastfeed this long! But since the bottle has always been strongly passed down, I was rather tied to my babe… I have never left the house alone for longer than maybe an hour, apart from one full day (it wasn’t fun for dad). So it would have been fabulous if she took the bottle – not even necessarily with formula, but just the bottle with expressed breast milk (i know…. such a lot of work for mama, right?). Gee, would it give me some freedom… Alas, not a chance! And let me tell you, we’ve tried every bottle, every teat and every single little feeding trick on the planet! Nope, doesn’t like it.

Finally, I surrendered to the thought that hey, okay, so I’ll breastfeed her until she doesn’t need my milk anymore. Insert: introducing solids! Because then at least she gets some nutrients from other sources, too.

In Switzerland, somehow everyone tells you to start with carrot mash. Carrot! I mean, it’s rather… bitter (can be), and frankly, takes some getting used to, right? We did try carrot to begin with, though. Several times. Wasn’t a big hit, either. Oh but now we’ve got orangey carrot stains on basically everything, including my underwear, thank you very much, so worth it. Still, carrot is the holy grail of baby food introcution, so, had to be.

Yep, I felt like a failure (yet again).

Somewhere on Instagram, I made a new friend, her name is Anna. Anna’s son is exactly the same age as Elma, same birthday! One day, I saw Anna feed Noah something yellow-ish, glibbery. He seemed to love it. I asked her: “What’s that you’re feeding him? Doesn’t look like carrot!”. Anna wrote back instantly: “Why carrot? No, it’s porridge! With cream and banana! Loves it!”. No brainer: who doesn’t love sweet banana and cream porridge, right? Anna said: “Nobody does carrot in Sweden. Everyone and their five months old knows that carrot isn’t tasty!” Haha. Well, she has a point…? From a baby’s perspective.

So I told myself – yet again, stern talk to myself – hey, relax, mama! You’re not perfect! And maybe you even fail sometimes. So you failed at carrots? Heck, try something different! Give da babe something sweet. And most of all, relax! Besides, my mom just said: “Told you!”. She was all game for the oat slime from the beginning, apparently we loved it, too. Who knew?

And relax I did… Now babe eats: porridge (sometimes with cream, sometimes with banana), peach (cooked or uncooked), watermelon (pieces! sucks them empty), cucumber (sticks) and those funny flips that look like little penises, that come in rice or corn. Finally, this food discovery adventure is fun for the both of us. Can’t wait to introduce some more things, gradually, into Elma’s diet. The faces she makes when something is tangy or sweet or bitter… omg, too funny. My best bloody entertainment, ever.

Find the recipe to our home made “oat slime” (n German) on

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