Explore with Baby

Explore with Baby

With baby, I soon found out that finding time for relaxation is almost impossible. Relaxation, what is that? Like, time for myself? There has literally been not a single minute to myself, ever, this year. Yet, I don’t feel like I really missed out on anything. Okay, scratch that. I would adoooore a pedicure, every now and then, really. And maybe a dinner with hubbie, all to ourselves. You know, when we’re not both completely tired from the day. 

What helps me most with the tiredness is actually a simple recipe, although it might sound counter intuitive at first: I walk. I walk so much with Elma! We’re on the go, daily. I find that tucking her into her pram and going for a long walk in nature or simply walking into the city to run some errands benefits us both. Elma, because she’s got fresh air and is snug and nicely rocked to sleep. She’s really peaceful in her pram. Me, because I can think of something else for a couple of minutes, not just baby, baby, baby. Because she is so peaceful in there – when I’m going, that is. Not allowed to stop, though, haha. Thinking of something other than her is the closest thing to relaxation that I can think of, so far down into motherhood. I find it soothing to be able to maybe check in on instagram for a while, while walking. Or to call my mom. Or to make a mental to do list (to join the hundreds I already filed, there). Yes, it’s at time a bit stressful to almost feel the urge to alwasy go for a long walk, every day. But it’s sort of like our new routine already. Walking is good for us, we’re both happy, it’s a win-win. Clever, eh?

Now, Elma turns five months within the next couple of months already (god help me, the tears – from my side – are already a given) and she’s much more attentive and awake and interested in everything around her. So I think we might switch to the buggy, anytime soon, where she can sit and watch the world go by as we walk and stroll. I was invited by Stokke to go for a “testrun” with the Stokke Xplory. Such a fancy ride! And I think it looks rather cool, what do you think? Elma high up and close to me. I rather liked it. And Elma? Well, happy as punch when she’s part of the adventure, that one.

An interview on Elma and my relationship, insights on mamahood and other ramblings over on Andrea’s fabulous blog, Chic in Zürich.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Thank you Stokke for the chance to go for a ride. Thank you Andrea of Chic in Zürich for the beautiful pictures. Great memories. And who knows, you might see me with a Stokke stroller, sooner rather than later.

Elma’s wearing:
Beanie: H&M
Cardigan: handed down from her godmother’s daughter
Onesie: H&M
Bloomers: Mother of Pearl Handmade
Socks: Etsy

I am wearing: 
Jeans: old
Blouse: H&M
Sneakers: Kurt Geiger via Jelmoli
Bag: en Soie, Zürich
Blanket: Petit Stellou
Bunny white: Petit Stellou
Bunny beige. Jelly Cat

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