Elma’s Universe

Elma’s Universe

We’re a liiiittle late to the party regarding nursery “reveals”, given that little is alredy four months (what? eep!) old. Aren’t you supposed to do that before birth? Anyway. Ahem. But then again, a couple of inevitabilities (and, well, baby! ha, my favorite excuse these days) brought us this far: unorganized state (which we all know really is a euphemism for “mess”). Mind you, I’ve been planning little’s nursery ever since the day I found out I was pregnant (pretty much exactly one year ago today, weeep). I had just started twelve week boot camp. Yes, the irony! And well, i wasn’t feeling all too well in the mornings. So getting up at 5 am was like torture. Sorry, I’m rambling.. Okay fast forward nine months of pregnancy…

And then, we moved in December – when I was close to looking like a whale and nearly exploding. So of course we weren’t able to set up a room for baby before. That’s why we started Elma’s room on the same day that we finished it – only around Christmas, a couple of days before she arrived earthbound and changed our lives and brought so much joy to this house. So that’s actually why we’re this late with a room reveal. Duh. And still: BOOM! Room reveal, y’all!

From the moment I was pregnant, my brain started going into overdrive… The whole pregnancy and becoming a mom revealed a completely new universe for me. There were so many things I wanted to know and research. I wanted to know exactly what my body was doing at each moment and with each new week. I savored all the weekly baby newsletters that described just what happened to my body and to that little sprout that I was housing. And just like with everything in my life, I wanted to prepare myself as best I could for this new mom task. Researching baby’s health, looking into different birth stories and reading up on breastfeeding, baby care and sleep guides were just some of the fields that kept me on my toes and busy in the (many) sleepless nights during my late pregnancy.

And then, of course, there were all the pretty THINGS that a baby needs (or doesn’t need, really), that I had the chance to pick for her. Oh, fine, but where to start? A universe of baby things to choose from! I was in heaven and in hell, simultaneously. My phone exploded with screenshots of possible things to buy – like onesies and toys and teethers and ointments and car seats and slings and swaddles and mittens and bottles and blankets… to name a few. Phew. I was constantly writing shopping lists. And I hadn’t even started on baby’s room, goodness…!

Once we found out we were having a girl, at least a vision for her room started to form. I dreamed of little for almost a year and when I knew our little dumpling was going to be a girl, I started to imagine what kind of person she would be. Funny and kind, strong and determined, with a lust for life, a cheeky and cute little woman. So for that special little woman I wanted the room to be special, too. Most importantly though, it was supposed to be a room that fit our own aesthetic and blended in seamlessly with our own interior style. Something that wasn’t too baby-baby, but a space where she could transform into a toddler, without having to make huge changes after the baby stage. So the “briefing” (to myself) was clear (to me): sweet, soft and female, but not too kitschy and certainly nothing princess-y. Childish and fun but with taste. Nothing too over the top elegant, I wanted a world for her that was fussfree and simple, that would be able to house a tiny human being with a creative mind and that still looked good when messy (note: okay, so the last part with the messy is probably a bit wishful thinking…). In a nutshell: I envisioned something boho and quirky, quintessentially eclectic like the rest of our home.

So fun, right? Every tiny little object in her room became a matter of research. Due diligence – you might almost call it. The best job ever (don’t ask my why I didn’t become an interior designer). I asked my mom friends for opinions on their favorite brands and products. And of course I spent hours (days, really) online shopping and reading reviews on furniture and beds and changing stations and oh, the millions of other things you need to take care of a baby. Oh, and thank god for Instagram universe…! Pinterest and Instagram were my best friends throughout this process.

At first, I feared that with the inspiration that I gathered from all the different sources, I would maybe create something that looked like a copy version of someone else’s room. A definite no-no. Or that I would simply get too much stuff (my hubbie does not approve of too much stuff, I, on the other hand, quite gravitate towards it…). In the end, I developed a rule for shopping things: I slept over every purchase twice and if I still thought I needed it then i got to have it. Ha! And I went with my gut feeling and simply picked what felt and looked right. Let’s just call it eclectic then, shall we, this mix of things?

And now, after much talk… Go, shoo! And have a peek at Elma’s Universe.

PS: Because we were so late with the room reveal – little has basically grown-up in the meantime! – the upside now is that I get to share an updated version of the room, pretty soon! We’re experts in “baby” now, or so we’d like to think. We’ve rearranged a couple of things. And a lot of cute new things found they’re way into our home – either as gifts or that we found necessary. For example lots of new cuddly toys and some new additions to our storage solution, pretty new storage baskets to house all the toys. Because soon she will discover the world, crawling. And we’re ready for the next stage. Plus, you might be interested in some peeks into little’s wardrobe / dresser organization etc…?

Until then, here’s a list of the suppliers (the things that are not noted are mainly gifts and / or I don’t know the brand).

Source / list of suppliers:
Crib and mattress and sheet: “Home” by Stokke
Star pillows: Numéro 74 via Caspar Kids
Grey knitted blanket: handmade by yours truly
Grey starry play mat (over bed frame): gift, via Lottis Welt
Pom pom garland: handmade
Large fabric bunny in crib: Maileg
Patch-work fabric deer in crib: Gift, available via Land of Nod
Hanging gold pendant in crib (in lieu of a mobile): gift, via en Soie
Bunting with name: handmade by a friend

Grey cupboard: vintage via Contra Punkt
Snowflake night light: don’t remember, sorry!
Starry fairy lights: Coop
Neon cloud pendant on cupboard: Ibiza hippie market find
Heart shaped chalk board with name on cupboard: handmade by a friend
Yellow rubber boots: Aigle via 0-7

Grey changing dresser: vintage via ricardo (paint: chalk paint by Annie Sloan)
Changing pad: via Babyjoe
Baskets on changing dresser: random finds, Interio
Small white lamp on changing station: IKEA

Shelves: customized Bekväm spice racks by IKEA
Pizza teether: Land of Nod
Ballerina doll: Zara Home
Baby Sneakers: Converse All Star
Rattle bear: via Zirkuss
Radish rattle: Maileg
Giraffe toy: Sophie la girafe
Wobbly wood stacking toy: Land of Nod
Wood ice cream staking toy: Trottinette

Squirrel clothes hook: gift from mom
Mustard knitted scarf & mitts: Esencia

Moses basket: via Snowflake Kindermöbel
Large square storage basket: IKEA

Cube night stand: vintage
White lamp shade on night stand: IKEA
Lamp stand on night stand: via Garten Eden
Small rabbit on night stand: Woodland Rabbit e.g. via ASOS

Pink storage baskets: Land of Nod
Wooden alphabet blocks: Ooh Noo via Snowflake Kindermöbel
Red haired crochet doll: La-De-Dah Kids via Making Things

Chandelier: vintage
Floor lamp white: IKEA
Carpet: gift from mom
Wooden play gym: Zummbi via Etsy

Arm chair: old
Teddy bear and soft flamingo on arm chair: IKEA
Large wooden elephant: vintage
Apple pillow: handmade by a friend


All pictures by: Andrea Monica Hug
In cooperation with Stokke Schweiz / Passion for PR

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