… & Baby

… & Baby

Mamahood. I always dreamed about it, but I never really knew what it meant. Let alone how much I would love it. It’s the most important challenge and adventure in my life. One thing is for sure: there is no going back to my old life, pre-mom. All my dreams came true, and now all my thinking and being is dedicated to being a mom. Well, maybe not alllll of the thinking (because, cake) – but a pretty big part anyway (in my spare-time, ha). I’m a full time lioness mom now, i guess. Ha!

So, I figured since we’re already at it anyway with the baby spam etc. (over on good ol’ Insta, anyway) let’s make it semi-official and make this space about mamahood, too. Not just da food (“Fork”) and not just da pretty things (“Flower”) (note: did you get that!?) but also about da “BABY”. So, basically, I’ll extend the brand from “Fork & Flower” to “Fork & Flower & Baby”. Good move, eh? I’m like. YAY! And ofc baby is like “Yay”, too. See?

Don’t worry though, I won’t neglect the recipes and I certainly won’t talk about baby, exclusively. Although… tempting, haha. No, seriously, I love those cakes toooo much to tell. Probably more than life, even. So, CAKE. It will always be cake in the mix, okay? All is good. The world order is still intact.

So, talk soon. All things pretty, cake and mamahood.

Picture of me by Andrea Monica Hug

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