Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Beetroot Chocolate Cake

I know I shouldn’t start every other post with a swear word… but GOSH! Time is flying! Little is already 12 weeks (three bloody months!) old and it’s a thought that drives me insane. Still enjoying every precious second that we have together while I’m still at home, full time, and can dedicate all my energy and love to her. There will be a time when this won’t be possible to the same extent, because, duh, work…? Earning money and adulting in general, shm. But…

For the time being, this is my life: full time mom. Well, and blogger at night, ha! Because nursing and keeping a three months old alive isn’t already a full-time job, you know. But it turns out my former job in Marketing wasn’t meant to last. So now I’m officially in the market for a new one. Thinking about making it a full-term blogging gig. But it’s still a bit of a scary thought…? Glad my usual cheerful self hasn’t deserted me (yet). But anything that fits in with my new role as mom and lets me enjoy mamahood on the side would be welcome really (I know, not asking for much, right?

But as you can guess: not everything is sorted… All in due time! Today, all I can do for you is share a couple of shots from this very lovely beetroot chocolate cake! Have you tried your version of beetroot and chocolate…? It’s sooo good! Highly recommended experiment. Also, a Nigel Slater recipe can never be wrong in my book. So all I’m doing today is link to his recipe on BBC Food, great, nah? Just follow the recipe to a T (note: it’s labor intense, again, yet totally worth it). Just one thing: I used Lindt Crémant Noir 49%, I think it’s the perfect dark chocolate to go with this cake. Not too dark, and certainly not sweet. So the result will be a very moist and light chocolatey cake with a deep chocolatey, reddish tint. And the bonus is that it almost passes off as a salad (I mean, after all, beetroot is a veg…) – so, what’s not to love?

Blanket by Petit Stellou
Black plate by Tauta Home
White enamel bowl also by Tauta Home

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