Alpine, wintery Stew with lentils & sausage

Alpine, wintery Stew with lentils & sausage

To live in Switzerland and so close to the mountains feels like such a blessing. I’ve always liked to venture out into the snow and go skiing and snowboarding. And since I’m not under my parents’ roof anymore I love to go hiking (side note: used to throw a tantrum when I was little whenever “walking” was even mentioned… Sorry, mom & dad). Switzerland is the much referenced “winter wonderland” and a tourist’s dream destination. And since it’s my home I don’t brag about it every day, but I really feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful country.

When it comes to food, I tend to look to other countries. What with Italy’s abundance of pasta or the US’ creations like s’mores or brownies that jump at me whenever I open Pinterest or Instagram and promptly induce food porn drool in me and the like. Too often, I forget about our own strengths when it comes to food, and about our own heritage. The alps is a very interesting terroire, food-wise, and as much as it’s a “given” for me – our everyday cheese, chococlate, sausages, Rösti, Älplermagrone and the like – I find it particularly challenging to create something that feels like it belongs here, in this country, and in the mountains, especially.

When SPAR Switzerland asked me to come up with something wintery and local, I fretted not. So this Alpine inspired stew was created. Hearty, warming and down-to-earth, like, maybe, the Swiss people. Find the recipe in their magazine “Neues vom Nachbarn” or online here.

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