Beer Bread (No-Knead)

Beer Bread (No-Knead)

Time is running so fast… I can’t believe my little munchkin is almost 2 months old. And that this means that I’ve been at home for almost two months. The two best months of my life so far. As a mom (and a housewife, admittedly) – the  best job in the world. Even if it means you only ever get to do and cook things one-handedly… lol.

This bread is a staple in our home. I make it whenever we have a dinner party. Or really whenever we feel like a good comforting bread is in order. All you need is some patience (8 hours raising time), but you can’t fail this recipe. Fool proof in any way. I’d even say you can do this one-handed, mamas out there!

Since this bread is such a staple in our house, I’m particularly happy that I got to re-shoot it for a client; Spar, the Swiss supermarket chain. Love their new magazine – “Neues vom Nachbarn” (“News from the Neighbour”). You can find the recipe for this fuss free bread in their print magazine in stores or here online (in German). A similar version of the bread is also in my archives, to be found here.

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