Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hey friends! I’m back with a bang and some chocolate, ha! I’ve been busy working – also creating recipes, styling, taking pictures… But just not on this space. At least not as often as i would have loved to. If you’ve read my latest post, you know that there are a few things happening in my life. We got married in November in a beautiful, intimate, family-only civil wedding celebration. I’m officially a misses now *swoon*. Over the moon with joy!

And it feels so good to be married. People alsways say there’s no difference to before, but I think there is a major difference. That someone says “yes” to you, officially and forever, in my book, is so romantic and such a grand gesture. I am eternally grateful for my hubbie’s “yes”. Well, and the baby is due in only two weeks (waaah), of course! Baby girl, Miss E. Oh, apart from that, we’re also moving next week – pre Christmas! That’s also why we haven’t really decorated the house much. Sighs. Which is hard, no kidding. Ha, and that’s it with the news and imminent excitement. But it’s more than enough, don’t you think? So many blessings.

I’ve also celebrated (if that’s okay to say… ahem) my last official day at work last week! It’s insane, now i get to take a time-out with baby girl for six months…! That’s half a year, you guys. I have a hard time adapting to the outlook. I know, not everything will be cake and sunshine, undoubtedly, with a mini human that we need to keep alive. But I’m still just happy about the prospect, and determined to enjoy every single day of my new life.

Well, and then there’s this space here, and so much is happening, here, too. I’ve got the honor to work with lindt, yet again. I’ve been a fan of their chocolate ever since i knew what chocolate is. Will make sure to pass the sweet tooth and gourmet knowledge on to our daughter.

For the moment, there is just this one festive post that i’ve been looking forward to creating for you. It’s the only proper christmassy post this year so far, because, well, life…? But I made sure it’s a good one, at least. Those chocolate and marshmallow hot chocolate spoons can be whipped up in no time, so they’re kind of the perfect last minute gift for your family and friends, the ideal guest favor or hostess gift.

No doubt, for this it’s worth it to go all out on the chocolate… So I used the best thing available, which is Lindt Excellence 85%.

Quick Instructions: how to make the Hot Chocolate Spoons

You will use: 

500 g Lindt Excellece 85%
Handful mini marshmallows or crushed candy canes (I used cinnamon flavor)
Wooden spoons
Ice cube tray
Cellophane bags and bows for wrapping

All you need to do is melt some chocolate, pour it into ice cube molds, garnish with mini marshmallows and add a wooden spoon. Let cool and harden, then wrap in cellophane bags and top off with a neat bow. Voilà! Last minute gifts everyone will love. The spoons can just be dipped into a mug with hot chocolate. I find that the marshmallows add enough sweetness.

For now, I’m wishing you the best holiday season, with lots of sweets and glorious food, filled with love and laughter and family. May there peace and health in your home. I’ll update in you in the new year – with lots of baby spam. Stay tuned.


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