Avocado Rose (on Toast)

Avocado Rose (on Toast)

Whenever I see a good DIY project – which happens a lot when you’re a Pinterest addict, like me – I think to myself: “oh, I want to try this!”. I will bookmark it lovingly and archive it under my crafts boards. But then, the likelyhood and truth is I’ll probably never start anything, really. The reason is. well, I’m not as good with my hands as I would like to.

Yes, I’ve made my fair share of flower bouquets (almost a Pro in that field) and greenery wreaths (for the Holidays and other). I’m obsessing over handwriting and lettering, and am an avid learner in the caligraphy field. But I’m not really getting over the “larning stage” there…

I got into crocheting a couple of years ago, and I had sooo many plans for it…! I saw myself setting up a small shop with crocheted fruits and vegs, actually. As kids’ toys! It would have been aweseome…

But, truce or dare, I’m just not as patient and well, simply not good enough with my hands, to enjoy the output of my creative projects as much as you’d expect. So I’m just sighing at the wonderful DIY wonderland ideas and caching for a no later use. Bye, bye, crocheted toy pears! And so long, hand painted porcelain! You’ll have a spot in my dreams.

In the food world, I consider a challenge a venture, though. Like with making ravioli from scratch, or spring rolls! Nothing can be too daunting for me. I like to live up to something here and see myself scanning every article and binge watching Youtube turorials on the specific matter. Until I’m a master.

Much like with these avocado roses. They suddenly popped up everywhere (especially on Instagram) and I was intrigued from the get-go. It did look a bit daunting at first. But the process is actually rather simple.

Avo Rose How To

Here’s how you can make your own avocado rose, in less than 5 minutes!

  1. Halve a (not too soft and not too hard) avocado, pit it and remove the peel carefully.
  2. Place the half with the cut-side facing down on a work space or cutting board. Slice the avocado lengthwise very finely, leaving the whole shape of the avocado half intact as much as possible.
  3. Start to shape the avocado into a lengthy, snake like line by pushing the individual slices outwards and sideways with your fingers. Carefully achieving a stretched out kind of line. You can leave more space between your slices if possible and if desired, so your rose will get bigger and have more loops.
  4. Start on one end of the snake and roll up the end in an inwardmotion. Again, with your hands. Continue the rolling up until you have a full rose.

And that’s it! You can then transfer the finished rose from your work space to a buttered slice of bread or put it on top of a yummy salad of your choice. It’s nice, right? Mission accomplished – life prettified.

The biggest challenge about this is honestly, that you need to find avocados that are peeeerfect. I.e. not too mushy – but not too firm, either. And bonus if it’s nicely green without any major brown spots in it. In other words: pretty darn impossible in Switzerland. But after a while, you’ll get the hang of sourcing the ideal avo for roses.

avocado rose 1avocado rose 2 avocado rose toast 3 avocado rose toast 6 avocado rose toast 4

All you’ll need for that perfect avocado rose toast now is: maybe some butter on your bread, a turn of freshly grated pepper (I used flower pepper, which looks so neat) and good salt (I used Maldon, ofc). Maybe a squeeze of lemon, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Cheers, and a very happy weekend, loves.

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