Soft-Boiled Eggs w/ Asparagus Soldiers

Soft-Boiled Eggs w/ Asparagus Soldiers

I love breakfast. And though I’m not a brunch person, I think breakfast is a good time to invite people over and to come together for an informal, healthy, strengthening meal to kick off a happy day. Easter around here is made for brunching, people go all out on the display, featuring Zopf and eggs in different versions and fruit and Müesli. For me, it doesn’t have to be “a little bit of everything”, as I tend to be happy with a smoothie bowl alone or a plateful of scrambled eggs. Or even just an avocado or a green juice. Keeping it simple is key, for me.

When someone offers to make me eggs, though, I’m the last one to complain. I like them scrambled, and well-fried (not too moist, please), and without much else. Some good salt and pepper, thank you.

To shake things up – and also to get out of the hard-boiled eggs Easter rut – I like to make soft-boiled eggs every now and then. I give the eggs soldiers (normally bread sticks) to accompany them. This time around, this (not local, but so tempting) fresh, green asparagus replaced the bread soldiers. I think this kind of “instant mayonnaise” that the soft-boiled egg provides is delicious, healthy and fun. This brunch or even starter is done in literally 4 minutes. Tim you save in the kitchen you can then spend hunting for Easter eggs, for example. Clever, eh?

Last year I made these Cheese Cake Filled Chocolate Eggs, remember? They were something else…

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So, there isn’t a real recipe today. Just boil the eggs (I boiled these around 4 minutes, they should still be “dippable”) and quickly blanch the asparagus and then drain and chill in a bowl of ice water. Serve with good salt and enjoy. Happy Easter, loves! xo, Scarlett

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