Shiny New

Shiny New


I am most excited to announce the new and shiny version of F&F! I’ve been working on bringing the new site to you for the past couple of weeks (and months), and today it’s as ready as it will always be to show you. You’re going to find your way around, I’m convinced. Just browse a bit and get used to everything new (hey, mom, I know you’re reluctant, fingers crossed you’ll be a convert soon!). New, for example, is the “slider” (tech language, I was taught) on top, where I’ll be showing you my (seasonal) Favorites. Currently: my favorite wintery & Holiday inspired dishes, from hearty, warming soups to my favorite christmassy cookies (trees, you guys!). 

Here’s to hoping there won’t be too many bugs while you’re reading along…Otherwise, please drop me a note and we’ll make sure to fix it asap. Bear with me while we finish everything*.Of course, you’re welcome to comment, too, whether you like the new F&F (or not, which I’m hoping won’t, hehe). Happy browsing and recipe ogling (not too much drooling, too)!

The second piece of news today is: I’m hosting a Give Away here! News will be announced shortly. Pretty exciting as it’s the first Give Away on F&F. It will be sparkly and sweet and… okay, I’m not dropping any more hints. You will just have to wait, come back and see for yourself. (Of course I’m also shipping internationally, so stay tuned, dearest readers abroad).

* A special note on Pinterest Pins: there are probably Thousands or Hundred Thousands of Pins out there coming from F&F that all of you have been pinning. Thank you! I’m afraid not all the links back will lead you to the specific posts, because of the blog’s migration from blogger to WordPress. Alas, some of you will end up on the “I’m sorry! I can’t seem to be finding the page you’re looking for!” error default reply. Shm! I know, so annoying. But if you’ll just enter your specific request on top in the search field, then you’ll still be lead to where you wanted to end up. The posts are still all here – even if not all the links work correctly.

Lots of love and, as always: I’m thankful for you. And the approaching Holiday season! Yay!



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