Romanesco Couscous with Pomegranate

Romanesco Couscous with Pomegranate

Super scrumptuous – while at the same time raw, paleo, vegan, glutenfree (and basically all the other freaky things)…? I’ll take that, please! Why have I never thought of making Romanesco Couscous – or Cauliflower Couscous, for that matter – before in my life? How was I even able to exist without it? Okay, maybe a teeny bit melodramatic of me, but, you must understand: Romanesco Couscous is officially the latest thing. I’m smitten.

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Romanesco Couscous



1 average sized romanesco or cauliflower, washed

1 pomegranate, aerils

1 bunch parsley, finely chopped

1 handful cress or sprouts

2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp. herbed salt



Wash the romanesco and either break the florets up in a food processor or grind the whole head with a grater, to achieve a couscous-like, crumbly consistency. When using the food processor, you might have to take several turns, making sure to stir and fluff up the whole shabang as you go from bottom up. Pour the “couscous” into a bowl and combine with the pomegranate aerils and parsley. Dress with the vinegar, oil and herbed salt, garnish with the cress and serve, crunchy! Bon appetit.[/twocol_one][fourcol_one_last][/fourcol_one_last][gap height=”20″]


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