Apple Fritters & Fall Flowers

Apple Fritters & Fall Flowers
Some might associate spring or summer with the loveliest flowers, but for me it’s always been Fall…  Just look at those mighty Sunflowers! Huge! And right in front of my mom’s house, in the middle of the city, on an underestimated little field. The abundance of flowerful colors – Sunflowers but also Dahlias and those funny shaped clashing orange lampion ones, among others – is so vast, the colors so intense. Like the year’s last excentric firework. A bit of a show-stopper, really. Before everything is going to rest during Winter. Hello, Fall, welcome, and appreciate you’re here!

We’ve been scramming in a Bake Day, my friend and I, a bit before it was officially fall. Yet, very much inspired by it. Still wearing our summer dresses and espadrilles, we celebrated the arrival of Fall with Apple Fritters and Choc Chip Challah Buns (that I’ll share with you, soon). Those glazed, doughnuty Apple Fritters… so soft and appley and goood. They might not look like it (they verge on the ugly, admittedly), but they’re definitely one of my culinary highlights of 2015. Word.
Also, fall brings out the thankful side in me… Nature kind of provokes it. Or maybe it’s thanks giving that feels like it’s already around the corner? Either way, I’m so thankful that there will be time for some nesting and enjoying the peacefulness that is home.
The recipes for these Fritters can be found here – and with very detailed instructions, too. Note: it is quite a lot of work to make them. Yet, I guarantee you won’t regret making these. [gap height=”30″]

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