elsewhere Cocktail Hour: Peaches & Roses Bellini

elsewhere Cocktail Hour: Peaches & Roses Bellini

I don’t know about you, but leisurely weekends spent going for intricate cocktails are just the best. Bonus if it’s at a nice bar (i especially like english inspired interiors or ample hotel lobbies to go with my Amaretto Sours).

So, when Kuoni – the largest swiss premium travel organizer – asked me to do a feature for their brand new travel and lifestyle print (eep!) magazine called “elsewhere”, with the first issue going under the theme of “Golden”, i figured a couple of stylish cocktails along the notion of a “Golden Cocktail Hour” would fit the bill perfectly.

Basically, sipping something delicious and refreshing during the notorious “golden” (although some refer to it as “blue”, though i never know why) hour – in the early evening, when the light is still lingering and golden, perched on a plush couch or lounge chair, either with a stunning view, a favorite person as company for inspiring chats or else, a good read, is my vision of a perfect holiday or simply a time-out. A good, cold drink can instantly transport you to other places in the world and cause you full-on wanderlust. So, i figured, why not bring the drinks that have such magic powers to your home.

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I captured four slurptastic (and classy, needless to say) signature cocktails for Kuoni’s elswhere magazine. The first drink is a (slightly ladylike, but in the best way possible – and gents are not excluded, ofc) Peaches & Roses Bellini, that you see here. Then a classic Cucumber Basil Gimlet*, that’s will win you over with it’s refreshing taste (almost like a grown-up smoothie, ha). There was a very basic Paloma (basic, because the mexicans apparently sip that for lunch, so it has to be quick to whip up, haha), too, and an old-school Muscovado Mint Julep (that was probably my favorite of the four). All not too complicated to put together – we are no bar tenders, after all, and all we definitely prefer to sit in front of the bar than stand behind one, amiright? Throw in some complementary, hand cooked, Thyme Potato Chips and you’re good to go!

See the full feature and get the recipes for the drinks and chips here. You can even order your own “golden” magazine edition (in German or French). All other drinks will be featured here, soon! [gap height=”30″]

This post has been created in cooperation with elsewhere by Kuoni

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