Simple Apricot Tarte with Tonka

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Hi, dears, while you read this, I’m definitely away on my little vacay. Probably fishing. Or picking blueberries. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Finland. Blissful vacation. Clearing my mind. Meanwhile, back here on F&F, I have a lot of catching up to do… With recipes.

I’ve got these couple of very nice posts lined up neatly – but I simply didn’t have the time to post them. Duh. Shame. Now, this tart is somewhat of a typical swiss dish. We call it “Wähe” (silly word). Basically a fruit or vegetable, sweet or savory Tarte of any kind. when baked, the Tarte begins to set thanks to the curd-like ingredients that are being added on top of the fruit. Apricots were in season – yellow ones and orange lovely ones – so i made this apricot version first. I’m planning on making many more to come. It’s so simple yet so gratifying.[gap height=”20″]

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Apricot Tarte with Tonka Bean
Basic Recipe by Elisabeth Fülscher
1 pack puff pastry or shortcrust, for 1 round pan
a little butter and flour for the pan
1 kg apricots, halved and pitted
1/4 cup ground hazelnuts
4 tsp. brown sugar, for sprinkling
3 eggs
3 dl milk or half and half
50 g sugar
1 knife’s point tonka bean, ground
10 g flourDirections:
Gease and flour a round cake pan. Roll out the dough and lay into the form. pierce thoroughly with a fork. Spread the ground hazelnuts on the bottom. Divide the apricots, face side up. Sprinkle with some brown sugar. Mix together the eggs, milk, sugar and tonka bean. Sieve in the flour and stir to combine. Carefully pour the mixture onto the apricots. Fold in the pastry on the side if necessary. Bake at 220º C / 450º F with the lower heat on for about 35 to 40 minutes. The crust should be nicely brown. Let cool and serve warm with a dollop of cinnamon whipped cream.


  • Such a beautiful site you have, had to look up Tonka bean…very interesting. Love this tart, looks delicious!

  • i am obsessed with tonka ! but i normally pair it with chocolate or coffee flavoured recipes. i love apricots and this looks delicious ! i rarely see other people using tonka beans and i'm intrigued. i hope to have a moment to try out this recipe soon.

  • Hi!
    I've just discovered your blog and I'm totally in love with it. You have amazing recipes and your photos are lovely (also, I love your home!). I have family in Switzerlad and I enjoy your pictures of the country and little swiss details. I've been all morning reading your old posts and I've have pinned a lot of your recipes :).

    Last week I baked a simila tart (Fruchtwähe recipe from Betty Bossi), with yellow plums. Your tart looks delicious, perfect for summer!

    You have another fan 🙂

    Viele Grüße aus Spanien

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