F&F Behind The Scenes

F&F Behind The Scenes
Update! Since this post from last summer – where the F&F empire *chuckle* was documented in pictures and even a little trailer – offers a pretty good view of F&F and my work behind the scenes, I figured you might like to see it gain. What with the new and shiny (or so I’d like to think) F&F site. Welcome, dear ones! Get inspired to cook and browse my everyday food ideas! For now, let’s see what’s cooking, shall we? 

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Friends and readers (which I don’t see as mutually exclusive, but rather think of as one and the same group, one little community), today I’m lucky to be able to share with you a special project. A new friend of mine, Peter Bender, who is an incredibly talented photographer and film-maker, captured this behind the scenes of Fork & Flower – or rather, my home and my work, beautifully, in both, pictures and a little mood film.


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I find it weird to be (partly) the subject – as in, center of attention – for once. Normally, my food gets all the spotlight, being the driving force that brings everyone I love together at one big table. I feel a wee bit sneaky about stealing the spotlight, yet I can’t helpt but admit that I love how this turned out. Kind of a lighthearted ode to life. [gap height=”20″]
The film followed me around during the day as we prepared everything for a dinner. We wanted to celebrate summer and life with our closest friends over a simple, vegetarian sunday dinner. This film basically captures everything I believe in: simplicity, dedication, friendship and sharing. These have become my mantras over the years, and although the work for Fork and Flower is mostly pure bliss but oftentimes exhausting. In the end it simply gives me so much in return and happens to be my source of joy and inspiration. I’m grateful so many people join in on the fork and flower adventures – because, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be possible with you – time and again. Goosebumps! [gap height=”20″]
But on to the food, the sine qua non for everything! The table was so full with food it was almost hilarious. I wanted it to be a simple, summer, nature inspired, vegetarian feast (much to the dismay of one of my friends, who was more than a little skeptic), so we skipped the elaborate meaty dishes and fancy layer cakes, and opted for a variety of vegetable centered dishes, instead. We served everything at once, making it hard to pick and choose a favorite. The foraged elderflower made for a very refreshing, subtle drink. The couscous with tomatoes – in various stages of roastedness – was inspired by one of ottolenghi’s recipes, I think it was probably from the first book? Only the clafoutis, after a recipe from mimi thorisson’s book, turned out a bit, well, let’s say “windswept” in its shape. I probably made the batch too big for the pan. It tasted heavenly though, so we didn’t mind too much.
[gap height=”20″]Here’s all the food that has been featured – and enjoyed. Food, glorious food!
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Foraged Elderflower Lemonade
Watermelon and Mint Infused Water
Watermelon Champagne
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Heirloom Radishes
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Roasted Brocoli with Raspberry Dressing and Toasted Hazelnuts
Leafy Greens with Baby Artichokes, Foraged Bush Vetch and Caramelized Lemon
Couscous and Mograbiah with Oven Dried Tomatoes (inspired by Ottolenghi)
Watermelon Caprese with Burrata, Mint and Lemon Balm
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Cherry Clafoutis (recipe by Mimi Thorisson)
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Film & Photography:Peter Bender, Peter Bender Photography
Photography & Styling: Anka Gerbes
Production: Moritz Schneider, cut up production

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