Mango Cream Layer Cake

Mango Cream Layer Cake
This cooking/baking and blogging job isn’t always hard work… It’s nice to get a readily made cake delivered to your kitchen for a quick shoot, before it’s transported on for a party. My mom made this intricate, layered sponge, mango and cream cake for my nephew’s 6th birthday. Tt was, apparently, one hell of a lot of work to make it, so she said we should enjoy it while it lasts because she’s literally not going to make another one.

This said, i think it’s only fair that i’m not sharing the recipe. For those who are still curious, it’s up on the (german) site Essen & Trinken, which we love (particularly lovely if you only get to take pictures of the readily made dishes and eat it afterwards, without having to chop a thing, ahem).

Also, can somebody please take note that I would very much like the same cake for my birthday (in December)? I am suffering from serious birthday envy… Summer kids really are in for all the perks. Shm. Great, I’m now officially jealous of a 6 year old. [gap height=”20″]

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