Summer Home

Summer Home

isn’t it so true when they say “summer time, and the living is easy”? i like the open-window kind of lifestyle. breezes sweeping through the flat, flowers in every corner, the balcony potted plants are growing like their weed (no pun intended), the more neutral tones gave way to summery, peachy tones, the bedding is replaced for breezy linen throws and the kitchen is bursting with tomatoes and apricots and other seasonal produce. my particular pride is the mini potted garden i’ve installed this year: some strawberries, a purple basil (that i’m yet shying away from eating, because it’s so neat), a mini basil and even some woodruff make me a happy (balcony) farmer. i’m also punching my helleborus – currently in a summer’s sleep, blooming wise – heavily with minerals and fertilizer, something i haven’t done those past years during the summer season – because i want them to have an extra easy start into the colder season. that’s my kind of homage to winter: making sure that the winter pots get the best recharge.

in the meantime, all that’s left to do is enjoy the beauty while it lasts. those beautiful, beautiful peonies, however long-lasting they were, are gone too quickly, for my liking. i wish they’d never fade. alas, they’re kind of just one more reminder that life – particular summer season – is short but sweet, and we really ought to make the most of it. here and now. hi, summer, i’m ready for you!
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