Springlike Watercress Soup

Springlike Watercress Soup
for some, working out is the main source of energy, and for me it occasionally is. though recently i’m much more into “slowing down” while exercising, not pushing my limits. i.e. ballet and yoga do the trick. so graceful and cute – or much rather admittedly ridiculous and lots of fun, those ballet classes for grown-ups.

whenever i’m seeking energy, i’m usually falling back on the right kinds of foods to boost me. maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but to me it feels as if a bowl full of greens gives me the power to sustain. maybe not to make things better, but to be able to do the same things longer (to say it with ovo’s words, ahem).
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this soup is a sneaky way to include greens, as are smoothies (that’s why i really like smoothies, anyway). plus the color is kind of therapeutic.
oh, and these mattiola flowers? my favorite flower of the year. their buttery yellow or soft mauve is better than therapy. in fact, the therapeutic and soothing effect flowers have on me might be the reason why i buy them, in the first place.
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this weekend we’re going to ticino for some lush treats: wine tasting in a vineyard near the italian border and maybe handbag shopping, who knows? wishing you all a happy weekend!
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springlike watercress soup with peas and flowers
serves two
another version of this soup, just as good
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1/2 l vegetable broth (home made is best)
255 g (or about 4 cups) watercress
250 ml cream
1 organic lemon, zest and juice
salt, freshly ground black pepper, nutmeg
50 g sweet peas (freshly podded or frozen), blanched
4 tbsp (1 cup) greek yoghurt
1 handful watercress and edible flowers, for garnish
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heat the vegetable broth. add cream and bring to a boil, letting it reduce slightly. in the meantime blanch the peas just very quickly (for about 3 minutes) and then drain and chill thoroughly in ice water. blanch the watercress briefly (just 1 minute) in the same water, too, and chill as well. pat the watercress dry thoroughly and chop finely. add to the broth and puree very finely with a blender until foamy. season immediately with lemon juice and zest, salt, pepper and nutmeg. ladle into soup bowls, then garnish with a dollop of greek yoghurt. carefully place the sweet peas atop the yoghurt and garnish with the flowers and some leftover watercress.

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