Matcha Popcorn

Matcha Popcorn
i have been introduced to matcha green tea by some or other japanese or sushi shop, but never considered getting my own to make a pot of hot green tea at home. pinterest, though, converted me for the good. the amount of hipster-esque food creations you spy there is incredible! vegan toasted matcha whipped coconut milk green juice chai latte, anyone? haha. what can i say… it’s ridiculous, but only in theory. in real life, i can’t help but love it.

[gap height=”20″]so when the local delicatessen store featured a japanese corner, recently, the (admittedly hot) young shop assistant had a walk-over. easy-peasy! just show the foodie girl, who’s obviously interested in anything remotely exotic or exlusive looking in this shop, what a good matcha is! so that guy whipped up a bowl of exquisite, hot and nicely foamy and unexpectedly un-bitter matcha tea. i was hooked for good.
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at home, i decided the world needed one more matcha induced hipster food creation. introduction: the matcha popcorn. and a matcha green juice, for good measure.
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it tasted surprisingly good, this matcha popcorn, so that i even made it for a hens’ weekend again last saturday, as a pre dinner and pre party (or pre alcohol intoxication, more likely) snack. and i’m still pretty convinced that’s the source of my energy (because i’m normally in bed by 11pm, max, no kidding). i didn’t make it to the sunrise, okay, but i had fun a little past midnight. aren’t i impressive. all thanks to matcha.[gap height=”20″]
matcha popcorningredients:
1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tbsp. popcorn kernels
1 tbsp. matcha green teadirections:
heat the coconut oil in a large pot on maximum heat. add the sugar and the popcorn, so that it only covers the bottom of the pan. cover the lid, reduce the heat. wait until all the popping sounds have seized. pour the popcorn in a bowl and dust it with matcha. stir to coat evenly. sweeten some more if desired.

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