Fennel Radish Salad (with Hemp Seeds)

Fennel Radish Salad (with Hemp Seeds)
this has been such a wonderful and happy – albeit very intense – week! so many good surprises (like a new project at work), a blog project that we’ve put the finish touches on (i am sorry i will only be able to reveal what it is later – i.e. next month). the only thing that’s missing – if i’m being really hard to please here, hehe – is maybe spring? to be honest i’m fed up with winter. my winter skin is the stuff nightmares are made of, really. it’s itchy and (to use my friend’s words) “as pale as a camembert”. and i’ve been craving spring food; like ramps and asparagus and sweet peas! and colour…! i can’t even begin to explain how much i’m craving some serious pops of colour. it’s time for some sunshine! and feet that don’t need socks, just some light, colourful ballerinas or slip ons.

[gap height=”20″]so i’ve whipped up this salad, starring (still) wintery fennel and a shiny bunch of already spring like (at least it feels that way) radishes. add a little lemon to the party for a zesty tang, hemp seeds for extra crunch and dill to shake things up. and voilà, it’s ready, your cheeky little spring-dreaming salad. go for it![gap height=”20″]

fennel radish salad (with hemp seeds)
serves 2

1 fennel, very finely sliced
1 bunch radishes, very finely sliced
1 handful dill, leaves
1 lemon, juice
1 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. hemp seeds
sea salt & pepper

slice the fennel and radishes very finely. we all know it will work best with a mandolin, alas, mandolins are still the thing my nightmares are made of… i’ve chopped my fingers off too many times. so i’m doing it by hand with a good knife; careful-careful! immediately sprinkle with lemon juice. dress with olive oil, too and season with salt and pepper. sprinkle with hemp seeds and scatter the dill on top.

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