toasted bread & burrata “salad”

don’t you love dinner parties? i think, my thirties are probably the decade of the “dinner parties”. and i mean as both, a guest as much as a host. last week, i was definitely the host, though. i had 12 guests over for supper. 7 courses, lots of glasses, dozens of candles, two blue pumpkins, piles upon piles of plates, innumerable hours of work. a chef’s life isn’t easy – though the returned gratefulness and appreciation sure is lovely. 
after what felt – and actually were – 20 hours on my feet, running around my small and cluttered kitchen, all i wanted to do on sunday was putting my feet up. and, well, if you know me just a little: eat something (that wasn’t just a bite of “this and that” while cooking). 
the best thing about a dinner party of those dimensions is, admittedly, the leftovers. but since my brothers is an expert at sourcing these (i still love you, big bro) i was facing a rather empty fridge in the aftermath, nonetheless. so i prepared the fastest yet probably most delicious little dish in no time: this delicious, comfy, warm toasted bread and burrata salad. 
the bread was home made the day before. i suggest you use the same bread, but that’s just because i’m really picky about food. as the name suggests, a “bread” salad pretty much depends on the used “bread”. the quality and taste of the bread is quintessential. it can be a couple of days old for this dish, sure, as the toasting will bring it back to life, yet again. just make sure it’s a really good bread, to begin with. we’re talking nice taste, moist, crunchy on the outside, smooth, fragrant. bread perfection. and i’m guaranteeing you won’t want to eat your bread any other way, anymore.
toasted bread & burrata “salad”
serves 2
rezept auf deutsch auf si style

1/2 bread (can be a couple of days old), in chunks

2 small or one large burrata

2 tbsp. butter
4 tbsp. olive oil (less would be illusory, really)
3 garlic cloves, whole and unpeeled
1 rosemary twig
1 tsp. fleur de sel de guérande or another, really good salt
some freshly ground black pepper
cut the bread into large chunks (like you would for a cheese fondue). in a large pan, heat the oil and butter. add the garlic and rosemary – these will give their flavor to the croutons and will be discarded later. fry the bread chunks on medium high heat until evenly golden brown and crispy. this might take a couple of minutes. shake the pan occasionally. season with salt and pepper. in the meantime, drain the burrata and carefully pat it dry with some kitchen paper. carefully remove the ribbon. arrange the bread croutons on a plate and sit the burrate on top. serve immediately, while still warm. 
you can also already tear the burrata apart and serve it with torn apart burrata chunks, this is probably easier to consume. though i quite like the look of the edgy, hill-shaped bread chunks hugged by the round and luscious burrata balls. either way, though, it’s creamy, toasty perfection. make sure you add enough salt! 
ps: the beer bread was – inofficially, but even so – awarded “the best bread ever” by one of my guests. this guy even wanted to open a bakery with me as chef beer bread baker. dreamy scenario. add a dog and a house on the countryside and i’m game. life is magnificent.

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