white chocolate & coconut truffles

the approaching season is by far my favorite… i love the holidays, i love christmas season. my mom and i would start weeks – if not months – ahead with the dreaming up and planning of our menu and the decoration. my mom usually went full out – on pretty much every aspect of the event. the food was always insane. and what i’ll always keep in fond memories is the chocolate truffles she would make for dessert (or second dessert or to go with the coffee, really). it meant she would go to schwarzenbach and come back with jars full of fancy little ingredients; like tonka bean and amarena cherries and a decadent black sugar and lush vanilla beans and stuff. all of this potion like prepping and the charming end results that melted and exploded on your tongue caused me to forever think of her as some sort of willy wonka (and if you know me that much, then you know that charlie and the chocolate factory is my favorite book, ever. well, maybe straight after harry potter, that is).
my own attempts at creating truffles go back to these passion fruit chocolates that were surprisingly tangy – in the best way possible. these more classic ones were very good, too. yet, i’ll definitely have to up my truffles game for christmas should i ever want to be able to compete with my mom.
white chocolate & coconut truffles
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150 g white chocolate
1/2 cup mascarpone, room temperature
100 g desiccated coconut flakes (fine, meal-like ones)
1 tbsp. zest of organic orange, grated
1 tsp. vanilla extract

for the decoration:
200 g black chocolate
50 g white chocolate
a little fleur de sel
melt the white chocolate in a small pan on the lowest heat possible and with a lot of patience. if you’re not the patient kind, think about using a bain marie, instead. put aside for a minute to cool. then add mascarpone, coconut flakes, orange and vanilla and combine well. cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. then, shape with a melon baller or by hand into small balls. spread them on a work surface lined with baking sheet. melt the dark chocolate (see note above), pour melted chocolate in a tiny bowl and, using two forks, coat each white chocolate truffle in the melted dark chocolate. place back onto the baking sheet. proceed, then refrigerate the truffles again for about 30 minutes. then, melt the remaining white chocolate, pour it into a ziplock bag and cut off one edge (tiny, tiny hole). through this hole, you can now make some sort of pattern onto the truffles, by making lines, horizontally and vertically. let’s be honest: i just used a little spoon for this, not the ziplock bag (i like to say it’s because i prefer imperfection, ahem). keep cool until used.

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