deconstructed cheesecake in jars – with yellow plum compote

By 9. September 2014 From my kitchen
my new friend myriam, whom i’ve already told you about before, has not only the most enviable cookbook collection in her beautiful, quirky home. she also wrote her own. because, you know, she is fabulous like that. it’s only one of the most stunning baking books in german and with the metric system (two things that are essential – yet not always to be taken for granted at all) available on this planet. and that comes from someone with a rather enviable cookbook selection herself (namely moi). i’ve seen many, many a good cookbook, might i say. but myriam’s is now one of my faves. sorry for making you greedy – because it’s only available in german so far… pardonnez-moi, cake lovers. this interpretation of myriam’s cheesecake in jars will have to do, for now. but i totally believe myriam can take over the sweet world, in a whiff, so be prepared!
deconstructed cheesecake in jars – with yellow plum compote
in deutsch auf si style

ingredients for the crumble: 

75 g flour
30 g ground almonds
75 g brown sugar
30 g cold butter, in cubes
2 sleeves (40 g) of vanilla sugar 

ingredients for the cheesecake filling:

125 g curd (full fat)
2 vanilla beans, scraped
1/2 organic lemon, zest (grated) and juice
250 ml heavy whipping cream, whipped
2 egg whites, whipped
50 sugar
ingredients for the plum compote: 
4-6 yellow plums
1 vanilla bean, scraped
250 ml water
1 tbsp. sugar
1 organic lemon, zest (grated) and juice


preheat the oven to 180 c / 350 f. combine all crumble ingredients in the bowl and mix with a hand mixer until combined. spread onto a baking sheet lined with parchment and bake for 25 to 30 minutes. put aside and let cool.
for the filling, combine the curd with the vanilla, lemon zest and juice. whip the cream and add to the curd. whip the egg whites until very stiff, add the sugar and beat some more. carefully fold into the curd cream. refrigerate until used. 
for the compote combine water, lemon zest, sugar and vanilla in a saucepan and bring to a boil. wash the plums, half, pit and then slice. remove the syrup from the heat and put the plum slices in it to let them steep. add the lemon juice. refrigerate as well. 
before serving, divide the crumble between glasses. fill in the cheesecake cream. top with plums (omit the juice). chill until served. 


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