blue blues

here’s that bouquet i told you about, for my friend who was getting married (civillian) on friday. i want to stress that i think there’s no better thing than a blue bouquet (something blue, huh?) for a bride. apart from the fact that i’m obviously anyhow smitten with blue flowers. don’t ask me what it is that i’ve got going on with them… i mean i like pinks and whites in flowers, too. it’s just that, those blues…? i find them the most intriguing. those blue hues make my heart sing. take this pale blue, to the extent of being almost greyish (the freshest buds, at least), delphinium. i almost get lost in their beauty. when larger and opened up, the blooms turn into a more vibrant azure with a hint of pink. these made for the perfect petal confetti. the prettiest waste my house has ever seen, maybe. no, definitely. or that almost pinkish purplish “chinese mint” (at least that’s what they’re called around here). or the blue blue of the nigellas. let me get lost in color, all day, if i might.
note that i’m no pro whatsoever at flower arranging. i just go as i feel it makes sense to me. and try not to get lost in day dreaming in the process and dreaming of deep blue seas and vibrantly blue, cloudless summer vacation skies somewhere exotic and hot. 

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