cookies & peanut butter smoothie

By 3. June 2014 From my kitchen
as much as i love to cook and entertain, i thoroughly enjoy being cooked for and cared after (if not to say fussed over), just as much. the best destination for a bit of care and love: mom’s. a family sunday lunch with the kids usually means a lavish (at least 4 course) meal. at times, it’s crispy fresh lettuce with raspberry dressing, divine baked fish fillets or roasted asparagus with a panko* crust. other times it’s a lush chocolate cake, berries with a simple, smooth whipped cream, or a ripe peach for each. and always home made lemonade, like maybe sambuca. home made lemonade is my mom’s secret weapon. you get the picture. 
this time, let’s focus on these (vegan) cookies and that delicious peanut butter smoothie. the cookies – vegan – were… oh, forget about them, they’re rubbish. pretty to look at – but utterly unswalloable. dry and dense, uhu. and, i mean, i’m sorry to say they’re no good because it’s really a donna hay recipe, and everyone and their dog knows i love me my donna. then again, aybe it’s the vegan that makes the cookies altogether inedible? isn’t it always just the same thing? vegan and cookies. should be mutually exclusive, duh. i’m still waiting for the official memo to be sent out.
as for the peanut butter smoothies, that one was a divine little creation. whipped up just in time in a (old but still perfectly capable) kitchen aid blender, with milk, peanut butter and a  little maple syrup to sweeten things up. serve with a straw and make sure the toddler hands (nephews) grab the glass firmly. 

* also, the following little chit chat re. panko happened only recently in said mom’s kitchen:
mom: “we’re having xyz with a japanese bread crumbs crust for dinner.”
me: “you mean panko.”
mom: “hmmyeah, that.” and, turning to my friend galia:
“i learned about panko from scarlett, that much is true, because before i didn’t have a clue panko even existed. i was living a panko free life (it was good, but now it’s so much better, panko ehanced). and it’s not every day that i do not have a clue about things (not that i need to point this out, ofc); and that much is even more true.”

it goes without saying: classiness is obviously inheritable. it’s a gift.

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