blackberry & black plum muddlers

By 9. May 2014 From my kitchen
growing up, i used to be responsible for bad weather garden situations. as in: i actually volunteered to run out into the garden in any given (bad) weather condition to save the plants from a storm and possibly hail. no matter what time of the day, i would jump into my bathing suit (classic), leave my pyjamas neglectfully on the bathroom floor and dart out into the garden to pull in pots and plants. i don’t really know if i was ever ‘summoned’ to so by my parents? i don’t think so. the explanation is probably just that i’ve always been a little crazy, in love with plants, and, well, a sucker for a good thunderstorm… plus, i don’t mind the sensation of summer rain on skin. it’s exhilarating. 
nowadays, i only have a balcony, so they don’t need protection from what’s coming from above. however, i still like to watch a storm roll in. heavy, dark clouds, the smell of rain on asphalt that begins to penetrate the air, the moist breeze, the drizzle’s plop-plopping sound, the curtain of water and fog, and potentially a good lightning strike. all this never seizes to fascinate me. and even though today, it doesn’t come with an imminent task like saving plants, a thunderstorm still has the potential to make me feel obliged, in a way. if only to watch it, transfixedly, and enjoy it while it lasts. so, with a drink in hand, we did just that: watch a storm roll in, sit on my (covered) balcony and enjoy the night. before the storm is after the storm. let go of old things and make room for new feelings. 
thank you to my handsome chef de cocktail for making this an extraordinary storm watching that i will likely never forget.
blackberry & black plum muddlers
recipe adapted from somewhere, but really, just our magical own creation (still, trust me on this one: it’s divine). note: you might expect something to be amiss, like maybe a squeeze of lime? or some tonic? we found that it doesn’t. just be generous with the crushed is.
ingredients (per drink):
4 blackberries
1/2 black plum, finely chopped
30 ml chivas regal whiskey
15 ml sugar syrup
15 ml cointreau
2 mint leaves plus more for decoration
crushed ice
put the blackberries and plum in a blender together with a sugar syrup and two mint leaves. pulse until smooth. pour the chivas regal and cointreau in a glass. add the blackberry plum puree and fill up with crushed ice. stir to combine (or put everything in a shaker first and shake-shake-shake excessively). serve with mint and maybe a straw (because it’s pretty).
expert tip for making the drinks even more slurptastic and margaritas-ish: blend the ice in the blender, as well. i’m not really sure how my handsome partner in cocktail crime went about that one, but he sure did succeed in making these little devils even more awesome (i mean by the serving, which, i’m aware, kind of implies there were several cocktails, plural. yup, guilty as charged. and non, je ne regrette rien..).

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