pink vanilla hummingbird cupcakes & girls brunch

By 29. April 2014 From my kitchen
brunch with the girls is kind of an institution in my life. plus if it involves a couple of cupcakes, naturally. aren’t my girls beautiful? and so kind of them to model my cupcakes, hehe. thank you, sheepy, bb, galia, fluffy, hase and ki. you are wonderful girlfriends.
still, a confession: this specific brunch involved a really early baking session (like, 6am early). so, a little drowsy, i went to turn eggs and flour and butter into cupcakes. that’s when i hit my head on the kitchen cabinet, hard. given the fact that i’m mostly alone at 6am (though not all the time, lately, hehehe) i find the use of loud swearing and screaming (with pain) mainly totally obsolete, actually. that’s my control freakish self for you. so i just sank to the kitchen floor, mutely, watching the cupcakes rise, holding my sore patch on my head, my head throbbing. just to find a couple of dizzy minutes later that i was actually bleeding. great start into the day, and kind of a rough wake up call…
the day continued to be a bit of a no-no, really. because the head banging (ahem) was followed by breaking one of my favorite (old) crystal champagne glasses and a favorite heirloom tea cup from my belated and beloved aunt herta. in the end i even managed to get a couple new bruises here and there because i fell over my feet a couple of times. not really my day. turns out literally crossing the day out wasn’t a bad idea. oh, and the cupcakes! i used the hummingbird bakery recipe for it. i got the book from my sweet friend carol of milk and mode – who by now is back in nyc, sadly. the cupcakes were sweet and somewhat consolatory, even.  
vanilla vanilla hummingbird cupcakes
for the cakes: 
80 g soft butter, at room temperature
280 g sugar
1 tbsp. vanilla sugar
240 g flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
2 eggs
240 ml milk
for the frosting:
500 g confectioners’ sugar
1 tbsp. vanilla sugar
160 g butter
50 ml milk
pink food coloring
preheat the oven to 190 c / 370 f and line a muffin tray with cupcakes liners. for the dough, combine the soft butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, flour, baking powder and salt with a hand mixer at low speed. combine milk and eggs, then add to the cake mix until a dough forms. fill the cupcake molds two thirds with the dough. bake for 18 to 20 minutes until an inserted stick comes out clean. remove the cupcakes and let cool on a rack. 
in the meantime, prepare the frosting. combine confectioners’ sugar, vanilla sugar and butter with a spatula first and then with a hand mixer until fluffy and light. slowly pour in the milk and continue to stir until well combined. tint the color with food coloring of your choice. make a swirl with the frosting on each little cake (either the magnolia bakery way with a spatula or pipe it on with a pipe and a nozzle). decorate with sprinkles. 


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