goose fat roasted bay leaf jerusalem artichokes

By 24. April 2014 From my kitchen
it became more and more obvious that i do not, in fact (to my own sadness) have a green thumb at all. unlike my relations (my mom has amazing skills with plants). mine is much more like a black thumb, ahem. particularly with my balcony plants (i admit, bouquets are easier, though i’ve even managed to ruin cut flowers…). alas, i’ve always dreamed of a garden, regardless. the notion of a little hut in the woods with an adjacent vegetable patch to provide for my little family is… okay it’s cheesy bollocks, but still high on my list of dreams. i’d probably need a sexy gardener (i’m thinking a theo james kinda youth…?). isn’t that a brilliant idea for once.
one who’s really knows his plants is nigel slater. in his books, he tells the story of how he turned a plain backyard in the city into a garden that provides yearround. i recommend you read them and turn green with envy (‘green’ being the leitmotiv and all). anyway. so, nigel is the king of home grown. and he knows everything there is to know about jerusalem artichokes (that i really, really love). i’ve never roasted them before (or  have i…?) but this recipe looked intriguing. i can never pass down something with goose fat in it (i know, how unpredictable of me…).
crispy roasted bay leaf jerusalem artichokes
adapted from nigel slater
500 g jerusalem artichokes
half a dozen bay leaves (mine are actually home-grown… not to boast, but, you know…)
2 tbsp. goose fat
2 tsp. maldon sea salt
1/2 lemon, juice
clean the jerusalem artichokes and peel. coat in goose fat. put in an oven proof pan, together with the bay leaves. sprinkle with maldon sea salt. roast at 220 c / 420 f for 40 minutes, until crispy outside and tender inside, tossing occasionally. drizzle a bit of lemon juice on top (it adds nicely to the jerusalem artichokes’ nutty taste).

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