when in milan…

By 22. April 2014 From my kitchen
when in milan, you should undoubtedly do (at least) two things: eat well and shop (just stop before you actually drop – or before your credit card starts to burn…). naturally, we did both. and though we actually wanted to put more emphasis on the lucullan part (i.e. sit, eat, drink coffee, watch people) for hours on end, the shopping bit got a bit out of hand and actually took up most of our day… ahem. we were a bunch of girls, after all. so yes, we opted only for a quickie (i.e. practical and super efficient, if you have other things than pizza forever on your mind, too) – street food lunch was on. where better to go than luini, just off piazza del duomo and the famous rinascente? now, luini is famous for panzerotti. if the two 100 meter long queues (each!) aren’t enough of a proof for you, then you must go and try one for yourself. you probably think what makes a piece of dough with a bit of mozzarella so special? well, it’s everything and nothing. it’s what you can’t explain that makes it special. maybe it’s the fact that they’re deep fried and crispy outside – but still doughy and gooey inside. maybe it’s the fact that they’re made in italy, where, miraculously, tomatoes and mozzarella just taste better. i don’t really have an explanation. but hundreds of stylish italians queuing can’t be wrong. best street food ever. plus that cannolo siciliano…? i have died and gone to dolci heaven, so to say.

whoever thinks shoes make us girls happy, i can only say: yes, not entirely wrong, but carbs & sweets… don’t ever forget the sweets!


  • Although I had a Schnitzel for Lunch, you made me hungry again! 😉

    Love Milano, the Food and of course the Shopping!


  • Mary Elliott says:

    I love your photos! I'm planning on taking a trip to Milan in the Fall and was wondering if you had any further suggestions for places to visit/see? Also, what lens did you shoot with for these photos?

  • Mary Elliott says:

    I'm going to Milan in the fall! Do you have any more suggestions for top places to go? The pictures are beautiful btw 🙂 One more question, what lens did you travel with?

  • dear mary!

    thank you for your feedback. i'm not toooo milano savvy, but you should try the obika mozzarella bar. they only serve mozzarella in all sorts of combinations.
    as for the lens, i only have that one lens and i use it for everything. it's a nikon 50mm fixed width lens, 1.4. with it, i create that night blur effect in the background.

    do report back after milan, if you get around to it! would be curious to learn what you discovered and loved.


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