wild herb gathering

remember the crazy chai pear and chocolate pudding tart…? that’s when the collaboration (though, in all honesty, we stick to calling it ‘playing around’, actually) between photographer extraordinaire christine benz and my humble (aspiring food stylist, ahem) self started. by now, we’re already two days, several hours of hard, sweaty work and a couple more insights on working together on food into this project. it’s been fun, and continues to be. 
so here’s the first sneak peek into our second shoot, on all things ‘wild’. i’m really into wild things gathering (though i never properly know how to call it, really, it’s just insane) and have brought back many a dandelion and ramp and sorrel to feed hungry mouths in different constellations. so we figured we simply must cover this passion with lovely, light-infused pictures – christine style, naturally. being what i refer to as ‘just that perfect bit of imperfect’ and ‘a little dirty’. she manages to make beautiful things even more beautiful. it’s like her pictures enhance reality. so, so dreamy. if you want to book her for your glossy (or rustic, come to think of it, she surely can do both) (food or otherwise) magazine, i’m sure she will be in? and, if i’m lucky, she might tug me along as her assistant slash tripod carrier. so, pretty please, give her some fancy fabulous jet-setty work, for my sake, will you? and i promise i’ll continue the flow of inspiration, cake and, well, more cake, in return. it’s a win-win situation, if you ask me.
but let me explain what it is that you’re seeing here. for now, no recipes (obviously). but some pictures of me (utterly unglamorous, in mornign manière, with a totes naked face, ugh, why do i never manage to jump out of bed earlier when i’m having my picture taken…? i’m sure mom disapproves, she would never leave the house un-made-up and frizzy-haired like that, duh) and an overview of all the wild things we gathered. note (emphasis): we got up really, really early, like, in the wee hours, to find ramps (wild garlic or bärlauch, around here), lady’s smock, dandelion, sorrel, lesser celandine etc. to toy around with all day long. basically everything edbile the woods and meadows provide. so, everything (!) featured in that compilation / herbarium style shot is edible, no kidding. also, did you spot the funny little explanation “tree buds”? yeah, that happened because i have no idea what kinda trees those were… those things happen. i did grow up somewhat on the countryside, but then again, lucerne was only a stone-throw away, and i’m guessing i’m more of a citydweller than a countrybumpkin, when it comes down to it (though i sometimes wish it wasn’t so). anyhoo, i think it’s fun and i tried to come up with really the best translations and indications i could muster. what else? oh, that rhubarb…? so vibrant, that popping red…! sighs. bliss, bliss, bliss.
what you’re still going to see from christine and i: a wild herb foam soup with lady’s smock (color blocking in a soup, literally. i’m positive my fashion forward styler friend ki will adore this), a fancy rustic nettle bread (yeah, ouch!) with a wild herbs spread and some freshly made gnudi (or gnocchi) with ramps and other wild thigns inside and fried dandelion buds on top, that will move you to tears, no kidding. 
for now, though, happy easter! i’m going to spend it with my girls, brunching (bitches who brunch, i believe the species is called, though i much prefer ladies who lunch, actually, but whatevs), out and about with a hottie (some clubs are calling, i’m guessing) and in my home town, lucerne, doing, oh, nothing at all. can’t wait! a year ago, it was all sickness (my sister in law…) and worries and makign sure my brothers’ kids were safe and happy and get enough chocolate to last them for a year. so i think, since everything improved since last year, we all deserve that tiny four-day vacay! let’s make the most of it. cheers, loves!

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