vegan vanilla & tonka almond milk pudding

By 29. March 2014 From my kitchen
a while back, i got a voucher for a really good restaurantin lucerne (my home-town) from a friend. truth is though, i haven’t been able to go all this time, or maybe i’d just forgotten about it. life is what happens, right? yesterday, we finally made it to said restaurant, me and said friend. we were totally spoilt with the best food ever. the way back to zurich by train was equally pleasant: a dozen hunks (all of them really tall) – clearly on a boys’ night out – were chatting me up. and though i normally do not like to be “trapped” with strangers in a closed space for a longer period of time, let alone having to end up chatting with them, i really enjoyed the train ride. it was good to laugh out loud lightheartedly. i think the boys even made sure i don’t have to work on my abs today (not that i ever do, tssk). 
this dessert here. well, it might look a little bland. yes, it’s vegan! and that can actually be a good thing, too. what can i say? it’s awesome. hooked on vegan. more to come. 
vegan vanilla & tonka almond milk pudding
1/2 liter almond milk (home made according to this recipe)
4 tbsp. sugar
2 tbsp. corn starch
1 vanilla bean, sliced open
tonka bean, freshly ground
1 glass sour cherries
dissolve the corn starch in a part of the almond milk. pour all the almond milk in a large saucepan, add the vanilla bean, tonka bean, sugar and corn starch with milk. heat until it boils, stirring constantly. the milk will thicken up nicely thanks to the cornstarch. pour into a bowl and leave to cool and thicken up even more. divide between bowls and serve with sour cherries on top. 

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