cookbook review: bite by bite

By 26. March 2014 Various
the cutest (and also slightly intimidating) little party food cookbook: peter callahan’s bite by bite features tiny, artful nibbles for all kinds of parties – or simply to treat yourself. what’s not to love about mini pancakes or exquisite, bite-sized sliders…? it doesn’t surprise that callahan is (apparently) the party and wedding planner in all of the states. no fancy do without his skills. i don’t usually fancy party themed food, as i prefer simple, honest, rustic, fuss free meals. but now i definitely need a bite sized party in my life. maybe to celebrate my future rabbit. that i’m really thinking of getting, by the way. as a pet. preferrably a white one. with giant fluffy ears. it would be called peter. or maybe hunbun. can’t decide. so, anyway, the future bunny will be celebrated with a proper house warming party. and there will be lots of fabulous people to welcome it. and carrots (or at least, carrot shaped cookies, hehe). 

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