spring skin routine

By 11. March 2014 Flowers
when spring is near and nature is ready to wake up, i seek ways to get rid of the old and start anew. i want to declutter my whole house, go running as often as possible (once a week should do, surely?) and basically try new things. along with the more obvious changes, my skin also longs for a change of rut. it longs for hydration. for the return of the rosy, fresh air cheek and the ever so barely sun-kissed, golden glow. like a snake, i want to lay off the dull winter skin and slip into a summer-ready version of myself, a vibrating, enhanced version of myself. a good thing all this is attainable with just a couple of bucks and selection of new, shiny beauty products, hehe. 
so i slipped into my bath robe and grabbed a fresh towel. to start, i cleaned my skin thoroughly with a caudalie cleansing foam (i like their products, they feel functional without being too resolute). i then peel my skin carefully. a good product is the avène gentle purifying scrub. it’s a very soft scrub that leaves the skin feeling refined, fresh and crisp. like it’s freed of the old. 
side note: truth is, i’ve been a fan of avène‘s for quite some time. their products are based on thermal water, that’s hydrating and calming and soothing and basically like a smoothie for your skin. all of their products make sense to me. and though i occasionally play away from home with other products like estée lauder’s (insanely) expensive serums, i always come back to avène.

by the way, i always make sure to use the peeling on my hands as well, before washing it off. baby smooth hands as a result, telling you this much. then i massaged some of the hydrating mask into the skin and left it on for a couple of minutes – long enough to file my nails in the meantime. bonus, mani is done as well! wash it off, too. i then spritz on some of the avène thermal water and leave it to dry. it acts as a nice refreshment in summer (i put it in the fridge in the warmer months for an extra cooling kick) and soothes my skin nicely. i tell myself it can’t possibly be this much of an all-round talent. but i begin to suspect it is. i then proceed to moisturize with a serum and an spf containing facial cream. i also make sure i have something new for an extra beneficial kick during the night, like the body shop vitamin e overnight serum-oil. it does leave your skin feeling rather oily at first. but my skin soaks everything up like a sponge. almost feels like it regenerates the skin overnight, in your sleep. you can also only use it every other night if you feel it’s too rich for you. anyway, you won’t need much, a tiny drop goes a long way. also, because i have very dry skin after winter (and possibly because i can’t be bothered to scrub my body, ahem) i like to use a body oil. this one from avène smells so lovely! soft citrusy notes and something i can’t really describe. just utter bliss. maybe like a holiday at the amalfi coast in summer. your (dry, flaky) shins will thank you for that one! aaaand… i’m ready for spring! at least, my face is. i’ll still need those new ballerina flats in a flashy color for a spring in my step, hehe.
so, what does your spring skin routine look like? what’s your go to product? how do you switch up things from winter to spring? would love to know. xx

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