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friendsies! i’ve been down with the flu for the past four days, and it’s bloody annoying, to say the least. i first thought this is just a bit of a cold, but, nope… no such luck. my nose is awfully sore and red and my eyes look like they belong to someone who’s been soaking in chlorine water for the past 17 hours straight (head under water, eyes open). it’s not a fine sight. like my friend carol of milk and mode – whose recent flu resulted in healthier eating resolutions, btw – so nicely put it: i shall live to tell the tale. and finally, i see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
oh, and this here is a sample post on the topic of my mom’s salads. my mom’s salads are famous they have converted people from no-salad-eaters to leaf-loving rabbits, no kidding. but, what, you ask, is her secret formula for success? well, derived from my 30 years of experience (in eating my mom’s salads, that is), i’d conclude the following four success factors: 
color + crunch + creaminess + citrus = perfect salad
of course, the formula could be extended to: leaves, fruits, nuts, surprise ingredients, herbs, proteins, blaa… but, really, it’s that simple: color, crunch, creaminess, citrus. but, of course, i’ll explain.
color. color means, simply, get inspired by color! anything out of the ordinary leafy greens is welcome on my plate. think radicchio, radish, funnily colored carrots, grapes, pomegranate aerials to shake things up, sprouts or purple basil. color set the main tone for this salad version here, as we used four brilliant jewel-colored ingredients: purple radicchio, red and green beet leaves, emerald field salad and vibrant amber colored kaki cubes. anything that adds a pop of color is good. 

crunch. crunch means, you should make sure there is a crunchy element in the salad, as well. if you, for example, decide to make an avocado-tomato salad, you could try to shake things up with some crunchy, toasted pine nuts or sunflower seeds. get it? 

creaminess. simple, as it’s the opposite of crunch, really (no brainer). just think that when you only have crunchy fennel or raw beets, it might be nice to think creamy. maybe in the shape of a few feta crumbles, or you might want to switch the dressing to something creamy, for example a tahini yoghurt dressing. 
citrus. one of my favorite ingredients for almost anything is citrus. lemons, lemons, lemons! it’s a love story. so, how do we add citrus to our salads? pretty easy: go all out on it! peel it, squeeze it, slice it… we always add a little lemon zest (use organic lemons, please) and the juice of one lemon (instead of vinegar). if you want less acidity and more sweetness, switch up the lemon for an orange for the lemon. 
the dressing is something else, of course… there are many different salads on fork and flower that i can refer you to. though i just know and love and use the one. which is – tadaah! – my mom’s dressing, consisting of lemon juice, zest and olive oil, essentially. for more details, go here – dandelion & sorrel salad or here – green salad with beech tree leaves. both salads let you in on my mom’s famous salad dressing (plus / minus – there has to be a tiny bit of secrecy left, else, no one would bother coming for dinner anymore, huh. or ask me, very kindly, i’ll try and see what i can do…). 
cheers, loves! enjoy the evening and sleep tight (i’m sure i will, thanks to the drugs cocktail). 

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