sunday cooking with anikou – winter salad

By 4. February 2014 From my kitchen
i’m always one for entertaining guests on a sunday, since it’s a day where that usually comes with not a lot of activities, so there’s even more time for leisurely prepping and chats. so when the lovely anina of the style blog anikou suggested we cook together as part of a shared blog project, i was immediately up for it. i didn’t know what to expect, but figured someone who shared my love of food must be a good sports, come what may. so we found a date and that was it. anina arrived at my door step and i was immediately taken in by her natural beauty, carefreeness and broad smile. serious case of hair envy, too, but that’s a different story (i secretly hope she will reveal the secret – there must be a secret, surely – for her mane on her blog, sooner rather than later). 
we immediately clicked as food bloggers – and set to prepare our casual sunday salad of fennel, avocado, passion fruit and hemp seeds. no, wait! first, we created a little mess. we call that ‘ingredient shoot’, us food bloggers, ahem. so we lovingly arranged parsley and carefully scattered hemp seeds and moved passion fruit halves 2mm over and rearranged fennel bulbs until we were happy with our ‘ingredients mess’ still life. that was followed by standing on tables to take the perfect picture and commenting on each other’s shots. it was a perfect symbiosis between two strangers, a mutual understanding, something that can only happen when you’re sharing the same passion.
thank you for visiting, anina, thank you for the chat and for infecting me with your youthful love of things and fresh perspectives. your talent and passion already at this age are impressive. no doubt, you will be a success wherever you go. last but not least, thank you for inspiring a dull sunday. 
to see more pictures – or, rather, anina’s version of our sunday winter salad lunch – go here
winter salad of fennel, avocado & hemp seeds
2 fennels
1 avocado
1 handful watercress
2 lemons
1 bunch parsley
1 passion fruit
2 tbsp. hemp seeds
4 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. avocado oil

2 tsp. maldon sea salt

start by preparing the parsley oil: coarsely chop the parsley, put it in a food blender and add the olive oil and pulse until smooth (use more olive oil if needed). put aside. wash the fennels and finely slice vertically. immediately marinate with the juice of one lemon, in order to prevent them from turning brown. put aside. half the avocados, remove each half with a large spoon, then slice finely. proceed by sprinkling over the juice of the second lemon, for the same reason. the rest is simple: assemble. distribute the fennel slices on the plate, arrange the avocado slices on top. drizzle the passion fruit pulp over the salad, scatter some watercress leaves and hemp seeds on top. add a drizzle of the parsley oil and the avocado oil. finish by seasoning with maldon sea salt. serve. 


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