pastel things

By 2. February 2014 Various
there is a crack in everything. this is how the light gets in. sings leonard cohen. there is so much beauty in the flaws. these here are a couple of my favorite pastel things: ladurée macaroons (a gift from one of my oldest friends who joined the supper yesterday), the ladurée sucré cookbook (also a gift from a  dear friend), baby’s breath (a gift from my new blogger friend anina – you’ll soon read more about this), some jewelry (cheap but bling) casually draped across my astier de villatte faillance bowl, my favorite plate in pale pink vichy check from en soie (those plates make me so happy), fresh spring blooms (the smell is divine) and my brand-new champagne colored glasses (yup, a gift, that one, too. these are from my sweet friends kili and pete, they make glasses now). conclusion: the best things in life are gifts. i only know one thing: that those tiny compilations make me happy. they don’t last, they never do. but that’s the beauty in it. it’s not meant to last. so all that’s left to do is to enjoy the moment and the flaws. 

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