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By 19. January 2014 Life & style, Various
it almost became a running gag how the food i cook gets the better pictures than i get of myself. it’s more than a little bit true, though. pathetic selfless, need i say more? there is a time and age where selfies shouldn’t be part of the game anymore. but of course, if you’re more behind the lens than in front of it, you’ll rarely end up with something that’s good to show off – let alone show, at all. even more so if you’re anti photogenic like me, duh (yeah, it’s an issue). my lovely friends, however, picked up on the subtle tonality (it must have been a bit obvious, maybe) and surprised me with a birthday shoot. they are the best supporters of my little crazy blog passion and well, thought it would be better for me to have a proper profile pic to introduce myself to you than the aforementioned selfies. aren’t they totes adorbs? oh, love you girls! plus, i must add that we did have – all of us – a lot of fun during the shoot. just imagine the girls watching me pose like a crazy wannabe supermodel (i am a bit of a sucker for perfection, maybe, so i poured my heart into it, needless to say) – minus the body and the moves, obviously, haha – while i was trying to make a serious face? yeah, like that. good fun. yes, i think i’m hilarious, too. always try to please.

so, with a little flutter of my nerves (due to the behind the lens fact) i’m offering you a glimpse behind the scenes, of my home and myself. which one would you like to see as a profile picture? any preferences there? i can’t make my mind up…

thank you to the mega talented, gorgeous, oh so beautiful, almost supernatural angelika annen for taking these pictures. my food is jealous for once, but, oh, heck, just let it be. haha.
btw: it’s not the best timing to switch to a more serious topic – and you know how i’m always one for the pink-painted fairytale happy times – but i need to mention something else. i’ve been getting quite some, well, let’s say ‘dubious’ anonymous comments as of late… not really bad. but not really uplifting, either. this is a private, fun place, as i’m never tiring to point out. i pour my heart and soul and night shifts and sometimes my skin (burns, bruises and cuts from the excessive handcrafts – it’s a bit like being an artist in a breaknecky circus sometimes) into this little place here. and i want it to be a good one for everyone, including you. i am open towards feedback, but i don’t tolerate haters or even simply a negative mood. why? because i don’t have to. so i’m taking anonymous comments down. i’m aware this won’t stop people from being negative. but it will stop people from being negative – anonymously. you can still comment with your name or a login which theoretically makes it possible for me to reach out to you, and tell you face to face what i think of your thoughts. i think that’s only fair, don’t you? needless to say, i’m forever looking forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your supportive and sometimes downright moving feedback. i love what i’m doing and i’m glad you’re part of the gang!
so now, enjoy the sexy time these pictures of me while they last. i might change my mind, haha. also, it’s probably not to be repeated. next up is a carrot cake that desperately strives for a bit of the spotlight.  vain bastard, that carrot cake. also, i’m only getting more wrinkly i guess. so it’s good like that, let’s just not overdo it, okay.
oh, before i forget it: the beautiful, beautiful glasses were a gift from my friends and extremely reckless entrepreneurs kili and pete, aka the boys behind viu eyewear. if you want one, for yourself, go here. you’ll get your very own handmade, premium glasses for only about 200 bucks. ka-ching! cool eh? rock ‘n bloody roll, boys! i’m proud of you.


  • So pretty!
    And I love your flat. I knew someone who used to live there too, they are so gorgeous!
    Best of luck with the blog and everything in 2014, keep doing what you're doing – it rocks!xxx

  • Meeta K says:

    You … my dear … are stunning! Love this so much!

  • Anonymous says:

    I suppose we just met once in real life. I clearly remember you as an energic, positive, passonate, loving person. All this is shining through the fork and flower world. I really enjoy to see you again. You look super sexy and gorgeous! I love your recepies and reading about your life. Thank you for sharing. I'm sending you all good wishes and hope it will be a blessed fulfilling year for all of you. Ana

  • Carmen G. says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the images, so pretty! By the way, here's a video on how to deal with the haters. I was actually listening to it last week and thought I might share it with you 🙂
    xx Carmen @

  • hi dear, yes, i think you told me 😉 cool! well i hope we meet this year! xx

  • oh, thank you, dear! haha, remember foxy? i think i all gave you nightmares… haha.
    lots of love and thanks for the comment

  • dear carmen,
    this was super helfpful actually! and this guy is so fun! "what you should do with haters? seriously, just screeeeeew 'em!" haha. hilarious and insightful at once. thank you, this just made my day.
    lots of love

  • are you the ana i know from school? anyway, this is such a sweet comment. thank you for the flowers and the love. i can only give it back.

  • zueribliss says:

    Oh wow, so good to finally see the genius behind the blog! Great post! I'd like to know: Where did you get that lovely white, textured skirt from? And the beautiful red dress? Tell me, I NEED to know 🙂

    xxx, "the fellow 'sprüngli-addict'"

  • i know exactly who you are, dear! i never forget fellow chocolate lovers, hehe. and it seems we have some other things in common, too, like the love for large skirts, eh? 😉

    the white skirt is from h&m, but i got it a while back already, so i fear it might not be available anymore. the red ensemble is a sweater and a skirt, actually, but it's funny because everyone says it's a nice "dress" (matchy-matchy top and bottoms, i like, haha). my dear friend kindly lent me the sweater, no clue what brand it is. but the red skirt is from cos, and i only bought it in december (in london) so i'm sure it's still in the shops and available! maybe even online – since we don't have it here in zurich? nearest would be munich i guess? best of luck for the fashion hunt! 🙂 can't wait to read more from you. always so fun!


  • Corinne says:

    Hey Dear, so lovely pictures and it is great to see more of you :-). We can read about your life but now we also see your face properly ;-). I do not know why you say that you are not photogenic. All the pictures are so adorable.

    Thanks for sharing and your flat looks great. It seems that everything you do you do it with love and passion. I really like that. 🙂 All the best for 2014
    xxx Corinne

  • lexi says:

    Beautiful pictures – I love the red outfit!! it's great to finally see a face behind all this lovely posts and recipes! I wish you best of luck for 2014 and all your projects!

  • love!
    tell you what: angelika can make anyone look good, hehe. but yes, i kinda like the results too, if i may say so. it was the idea to show a bit of myself. can't wait to follow more of your (!) adventures, that's for sure.

    bear hug

  • dear lexi (makes me think of grey's anatomy, lexi is my fave character, lol)
    thank you for the many good wishes and blessings. same to you!
    love from zurich
    x scarlett

  • zueribliss says:

    Thanks for the quick reply! I'll definitely try and hunt down this red skirt- isn't the next cos in milano? what a great excuse to visit the city…:)
    BTW when browsing through your pictures I realized we indeed have a lot in common: i own the same dark violet miaki ring as you do, the same burgundy sweater and the zara scarf your're using as a blanket. Does that make me your stalker or what :)?

    have a terribly happy evening, k.

  • Carmen G. says:

    haha glad it did! life is too short to be wasting our energies on the haters!!
    Love to you too,

  • Erica says:

    I know I found your blog through a link on another blog but I have no idea which one. But I've been coming back every day since! The one recipe of yours I tried was wonderful and I have more on my to-do list. Plus your photography is beautiful! Keep up the good work and don't listen to those negative people.

  • You simply look gorgeous! Elegant and chic! Vous etes magnifique!

  • I'm back for good in April, finally! So we should be able to manage it 🙂
    Also, I was wondering where your chairs are from? They are beautiful! xx

  • Anonymous says:

    soo wunderschöni bilder vo dir!! Die schwarz/silbrige stögis sind de wahnsinn! Und dini neu hell brüllä staht der au so guet! E waschechti lady! <3 Besitooo Lorena

  • dearest erica,
    thanks for the comment! always lovely and motivating to hear from *new* readers…! <3
    x scarlett

  • grazie * merci * danke ada!

  • lorimaus!!! love you, lady. haha, so luschtig din kommentar, mussi grad schmunzle 😉

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