Behind The Scenes I

Behind The Scenes I
it almost became a running gag how the food i cook gets the better pictures than i get of myself. it’s more than a little bit true, though. pathetic selfless, need i say more? there is a time and age where selfies shouldn’t be part of the game anymore. but of course, if you’re more behind the lens than in front of it, you’ll rarely end up with something that’s good to show off – let alone show, at all. even more so if you’re anti photogenic like me, duh (yeah, it’s an issue). my lovely friends, however, picked up on the subtle tonality (it must have been a bit obvious, maybe) and surprised me with a birthday shoot. they are the best supporters of my little crazy blog passion and well, thought it would be better for me to have a proper profile pic to introduce myself to you than the aforementioned selfies. aren’t they totes adorbs? oh, love you girls! plus, i must add that we did have – all of us – a lot of fun during the shoot. just imagine the girls watching me pose like a crazy wannabe supermodel (i am a bit of a sucker for perfection, maybe, so i poured my heart into it, needless to say) – minus the body and the moves, obviously, haha – while i was trying to make a serious face? yeah, like that. good fun. yes, i think i’m hilarious, too. always try to please.

so, with a little flutter of my nerves (due to the behind the lens fact) i’m offering you a glimpse behind the scenes, of my home and myself. which one would you like to see as a profile picture? any preferences there? i can’t make my mind up…

thank you to the mega talented, gorgeous, oh so beautiful, almost supernatural angelika annen for taking these pictures. my food is jealous for once, but, oh, heck, just let it be. haha.
btw: it’s not the best timing to switch to a more serious topic – and you know how i’m always one for the pink-painted fairytale happy times – but i need to mention something else. i’ve been getting quite some, well, let’s say ‘dubious’ anonymous comments as of late… not really bad. but not really uplifting, either. this is a private, fun place, as i’m never tiring to point out. i pour my heart and soul and night shifts and sometimes my skin (burns, bruises and cuts from the excessive handcrafts – it’s a bit like being an artist in a breaknecky circus sometimes) into this little place here. and i want it to be a good one for everyone, including you. i am open towards feedback, but i don’t tolerate haters or even simply a negative mood. why? because i don’t have to. so i’m taking anonymous comments down. i’m aware this won’t stop people from being negative. but it will stop people from being negative – anonymously. you can still comment with your name or a login which theoretically makes it possible for me to reach out to you, and tell you face to face what i think of your thoughts. i think that’s only fair, don’t you? needless to say, i’m forever looking forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your supportive and sometimes downright moving feedback. i love what i’m doing and i’m glad you’re part of the gang!
so now, enjoy the sexy time these pictures of me while they last. i might change my mind, haha. also, it’s probably not to be repeated. next up is a carrot cake that desperately strives for a bit of the spotlight.  vain bastard, that carrot cake. also, i’m only getting more wrinkly i guess. so it’s good like that, let’s just not overdo it, okay.
oh, before i forget it: the beautiful, beautiful glasses were a gift from my friends and extremely reckless entrepreneurs kili and pete, aka the boys behind viu eyewear. if you want one, for yourself, go here. you’ll get your very own handmade, premium glasses for only about 200 bucks. ka-ching! cool eh? rock ‘n bloody roll, boys! i’m proud of you.

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