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By 12. January 2014 Various

sometimes all it takes to feel brand new is a classy, new accessory. a hermès carré is something every girl dreams of, right? it instantly adds a bit of instant style to an outfit. the only catch? a hermès foulard isn’t something you just go and get for yourself. no, it’s something entirely devoted to ‘gifting’. meaning you should be getting it from a special someone for a special occasion. alas, that’s why i never believed i’d call one my own. well, i don’t mean to be melodramatic about it. but it’s just a fact that i never thought it possible, never really saw that day coming in my book… yet, it has come. this beautiful, eternally chic, large (omg, such a lot of heavy silk!) foulard is mine. m.i.n.e. a gift from a dear friend. want to know the best part? i got it for a bit of cooking. am i a lucky bitch, or what? hehehe. can’t wait to learn about the 101 ways to tie that scarf! around my neck, as a bow, used as a belt or tied to my handbag. you can call me ‘the girl with the silk scarf’ now, i wouldn’t mind.

oh, btw: the specific print is called ‘fleurs et papillons de tissus’. and the cool bottle i thought went well with the box is a ‘hoflieferanten likör’ (‘purveyor to the court’s liquor) from dallmayr in munich. because chic and cool are an awesome pair. 

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