happy 2014

By 31. December 2013 Various
i’m wishing you a soft glide (that’s what we call it in german) into the new year and a very happy 2014! a bit early, yes. but i thought we’d much rather start the new year with food, right? ah, i know you well, dears!
so for the last day of this year i wanted to thank you all for bearing with me through the year. it was a good year. a few bumps included, but i always landed on my feet. i’m curious about the new year and what will hold in store for me and for all of you. i’m hoping some of my friends will start with the babies, as i can’t wait to extend the “family” of friends. maybe one of the “frogs” that i kiss will turn into a boyfriend – or maybe i should just grow one. in my bath tub, haha. less trouble, it appears. 
i’ve made a little party hat for tonight’s dinner party at a friend’s place. the motto is “hats” (pretty obviously). i figured a little glitter never hurt no one, especially on nye, and (clumsily) made my own. i’m not going to include a diy, as it’s ugly (yeah, i’m upfront like that, most of the time). and the party gadgets – moustache & co – are for a couple of surprise (read: forced) pictures i am going to take of the dinner crowd friends. they don’t know yet, and i’m pretty sure they hate to be posing for pictures? well, it’s either pose for my pictures – or no home made oreos for you, it’s really quite simple. ha!
love you to bits, friends and readers. may you start 2014 on the right foot (again a german thing) and may it be a blessed year. cheers! *hicks*

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