friendsgiving & applejack cocktail

By 24. November 2013 From my kitchen
friends… the ones who eat from your bowl of noodles when in your home. the ones who lie on your bathroom floor – despite serious back pain – to have a look at your broken towel handle. the ones who spending one whole day in the kitchen with is pure relaxation and fun. friends are the ones who just get you. it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, so long as you’re with them. 
i was so lucky to celebrate thanksgiving with a couple of my closest friends and their family last saturday. apart from the obvious beauty in my friends’ home (bonus that they live a stone-throw away from my home, or, in chef’s language: so close that the potatoes still stay hot while you’re getting them from the other flat’s oven, just in time for dinner), you are also let in on a really tasty drinks recipe that they made for us: applejack cocktails! i’m sorry this is the second cocktail in under 2 weeks… oh, okay, no, i’m not, actually. 
applejack cocktail
per glass
6 ml / 2 oz applejack
2 ml / 1 oz lemon juice
splash of grenadine
apple cider (or sparkling apple juice), to top up the glass
3-5 ice cubes
1 cinnamon stick (to act as swizzler)
cute cocktail glass (for the girls) or whiskey tumbler (for the boys)
combine the applejack, lemon juice, grenadine and 2 ice cubes in a shaker, shake well. strain into glass, use some new ice cubes, top up with apple cider. decorate with a cinnamon stick. or ask negroni, he’s our chief cocktail maker. yo! 
thank you for having me and making me part of the awesomeness! home is where your wifi connects automatically. in that sense: my home is your home. xx


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