old fashion cocktail with candied cranberries

sometimes, a wintery cocktail is all you need. a little tangy, a tiny bit bitter, icy cold, refreshing, classy. like an old fashion: for me, the best cocktail there is. add some home made, candied cranberries for good measure and you’ll never want to drink anything else (after 4pm, ahem). ps: the recipe for the candied cranberries (recipe from a year ago) can be found here. also, for a fab tutorial on the right hand movements, watch here. isn’t this guy just so cool?
old fashion cocktail 
makes one glass
6 cl bourbon whiskey
1 sugar cube or 1 dash of sugar syrup
2 dashes of angostura bitter
1 amarena cherry
1 orange wheel
tonic water
for garnish:
3-5 ice cubes
1 organic orange, slice of peel
1 cocktail cherry 
candied cranberries on a skewer
in a cold (put the glasses in the freezer for a while) cocktail glass, start by adding sugar syrup, bitters, amarena cherry and orange slice into the glass. muddle well (if using sugar cube, muddle well until cube has dissolved). add bourbon and stir (18 times, it’s said). if you want, strain liquid into a new (again cold) cocktail glass where ice cubes are already waiting. fill up with tonic water. garnish with a twisted orange peel slice, a nice cocktail cherry with the stem on and the candied cranberry skewer. 

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