cookbook review: treats

By 14. November 2013 Various
the holiday season is approaching with superfast sleighs and bells, dashing through the snow (yes, sorry, couldn’t help it). previous years, i’ve reveled in potential gifts to give to all my loved ones. this year, i don’t want anything (tangible) for christmas. rather, i’m seeking a year end that brings me peace (unlike the last year), love and health for all of my loved ones (and myself). that’s why i won’t be putting together any classic gift guides. 
however, a few edible gifts are always fun and welcome around each house, especially during the festive season where everyone always has a lot of guests over all the time. for some new inspiration, i equipped myself with april carter’s book ‘treats’. it features tiny, edible food gifts of all sorts – from cookies to jams to oils – all of them nicely wrapped and styled (you know, in that unbeatable ‘what katie ate’ style, swoon!). a true feast for the eyes – and certainly for the stomach, as well.

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