transition to winter

the transition from fall to winter, and, thus, the approaching holiday season, wraps me in such a cosy, content feeling. it should come packaged and available to buy in shops to store in your pantry, or to rip it open and take a heartful on sad days to lift your spirits. 
i take a lot of pleasure in preparing my home for the season. i do it slowly, in several steps. first with fall trinkets – pumpkins, squashes, chestnuts that i find on the road, pomegranates, leaves from the woods. and then with ever more reds, even more candles and votives (if you can actually add any more to such a tiny space) and dark woody hues and hints of silver and gold. these here are a couple of pictures from the last supper that took place last saturday. i couldn’t really make up my mind weather i wanted it to be already super christmassy or still a bit fall inspired. so it was kind of a mix. like the transition, and like life, nothing is ever black or white. we have to put up with transitions and transformations, and just embrace the journey.
happy weekend, wherever you are. i’m going to spend it in the mountains with my friend. we’ve got an empty (because of seasonal leave) hotel to paint red, and i can’t wait for the fun to start. kitchen party, you guys! how freaking awesome are those prospects. love, scarlett

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