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By 28. October 2013 Various
last weekend’s wedding filled me up with lots of romantic notions. it was such a generous, beautiful, and inspiring feast of love. it’s difficult to describe, really. but, do you know the children’s book about the mouse who in the summer can’t be bothered to harvest nuts and fruit like all of it’s fellow mice and instead just sits and soaks up the sun, all day every day, and in the winter, when the harvest of all the mice is used up much too early and they are cold and hungry, the said outsider sun-soaker mouse gets to share beautiful stories of the sun and it’s colors, stories that warm everyone’s heart during the cold, long winter time? yeah, i’m that mouse. i’m collecting moments and treasure the memories of them, stow them away in my heart. i collect love stories, peoples’ smiles, a playful pat on the behind, nice gestures, shared laughs and kind words. i’m collecting beautiful experiences. and then i go and live off them for weeks. granted, today, i was sad because now the wedding is already over. i do wish it could be like that all the time. but i also smiled, because it happened and it accounted for really good memories that warm my heart for days and weeks now.
to balance the emo overdose out, just some random, beautiful but superficial new things in my home. my latest obsession: musc nomade eau de parfum by annick gouttal. this scent is so invigorating. totally makes me feel fabulous (throw in a pair of new shoes and i’m invincible). like any of my other favorite (this one and this one as well) perfumes, it’s musky-husky, velvety, powdery, not too sweet and not like a middle eastern fairytale either. just the perfect mix between sexy and cute. you know, like me, haha. sometimes, i even wear it at night because it makes me just so happy. and then i wake up in the morning and just look awesome. what? of course i’m not kidding! haha. oh by the way yes, it does cost an arm and a leg. what did you expect? an intact ego doesn’t come cheap.
also, a (not so) new but already favorite gold bangle from townhouse zurich, that my beautiful and talented friend mia makes. gotta love a good bling. 
then there are some new (handmade) pompoms that now grace my fruit bowl. because who actually eats all the fruit in a fruit bowl, right? so i’m actually doing something to reduce waste, ha. although that wasn’t their sole purpose… actually, we made them for last weekend’s wedding (oh, only a couple of hundreds… you know… peanuts) to toss at the bride and groom (fabulous pictures, i’m sure!). 

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