cookbook review: maria luisa – and sunday tea

hi friends, happy sunday evening! i just came back from the wedding weekend in the swiss mountains, and i’m still in a happy bubble (hopefully it will make it beyond monday) and i currently don’t have a lot of words for what’s been one of the best weekends, ever. beautiful sunshine, beautiful, inspiring couple, romance around the clock, good friends, wonderful music and days s spent partying. 
my mom gave me this fantastic cookbook, maria luisa, to get inspired for my future suppers. this book is a gem. it’s doesn’t only provide magnificent, mouthwatering, old-school recipes, but actual stories behind the house, the garden and the tradions in umbria, italy. 
and what’s better than a sunday spent reading cookbooks, enjoy a good tea and some cookies? my favorite tea of the moment is ‘kusmi – euphoria’. it tastes of chocolate! it’s got actual cocoa in it. and toasted green tea. it’s delicious and better than any chocolate bar. bonus if you’ve got some oreos on the side, hehe. 
happy start into a new week, friends! love

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