folk favorite: the staves

to add some credibility (to myself, mainly) i thought it time to come up with a bit of music that isn’t dominated by bearded, dirty looking seabears, lumberjacks and / or vagabonds at heart, just this once. or short: male folk heroes. are all folk heroes male? makes sense to question this.
but no, they aren’t (although, i like my benjamins, samuels and justins). proof: this fantastic female sister trio. ‘the staves’ have everything a good melancholic folk band needs, and so much more. they look and sound like ladies, too, which is intriguing (especially in the folk genre). and though they could be just your regular next door neighbours, their voices are, indeed, like silver. i’m glad they decided to make music. and not become actresses, models, teachers, nurses. because their music is a statement. mainly that women are superfabulous, worshipworthy creatures. but also that normal girls can be heroes. and they needn’t even wear push up bras and high heels, sit naked on wrecker’s balls and stick out their tongue 24/7. kind of really good to know, huh?
listen to them. because for all it’s worth, their music will be your new reason to be. for you guys, the staves might be your real life veelas. oh, and btw: ‘facing west’ is my favorite.

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